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Re: personal conflicts EDIT ADD by #1277 ..... Master Cleanse Modified Support Forum

Date:   5/11/2007 11:41:31 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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You are correct that the mods are volunteers but the reality is that there are only a hand full while there are thousands of post each day and hundreds of forums. When you hit an alert button it's not like it goes to a central place and a moderator gets notified automatically and calls them on the phone  to get online and take care of a problem.

While the intent of the  personal  conflict forum might have some merrit the logistical implications and the potential of rampant hostility is huge.  It doesn't take a Sigmund Freud or a rocket scientist to see who  is causing a disturbance and who is there  in a "support" forum to seek /share information and  "stay on topic". This last part is the clincher that makes or breaks  which posts  should  stay in a forum. Even with that said you have to admit that there is wide margin of tolerance and basically a poster has to get pretty beligerant for their posts to be removed or get banned from the forum.  With the MC it is even easier since it is a "specific" protocol and there is only one MC  everything else is  some other form of fasting.

Not that there is not a possibility of some merrit or that one will not get "some" benefit from  making changes or additions it's just simply not what the forum is for and because of the "very simple and very  specific" way the MC works these changes or additions will also change the basic function of the cleanse. This makes it pretty clear cut in the MC Support forum what is "off topic". Unlike let's say the Liver Flush Forum where there are many different kinds of protocols. Taken down and  simply put from a purely functional view point without all the other possible ramifications the Personal Conflict forum is simply a bad idea akin to a cancer where harmful cells will multiply and could very well masticise throughout the organism and anyone  that knows or uses any from of alternative health/healing menthods "knows" the very heart of good health is "prevention".


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