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Date:   5/7/2007 9:22:00 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Well, your digestion at this point in the cleanse
is confused perhaps. Its hard to tell without
seeing what you are doing relative to lax tea
etc. Watermelon juice is thick and I am sure
the body is digesting it now.

I would hesitate to drink it during the cleanse
because it is might be a burden on the kidneys
when they are also processing the lemonade, the
water, the tea. Anything in excess can be too much
and with the flushing action of the lemonade, it
may be too much. It can be difficult too if it is
your first or second cleanse since you are not
sure how your body is reacting, or what it is
reacting to. Ideally, we would have supervision
but even then, these kinds of dilemmas will come
up and so my advice would be to back off of one
or the other.

If this were my problem and I thought my kidneys
were really in danger, I would ONLY drink
watermelon juice for a day, nothing else. Then resume
the cleanse. This is not to say that doing this would
put you back on track since who knows how your body
will perceive that. Hopefully it will get better.
We pretty much know what might happen or should happen
if you are going by the book. Any modifying puts you
in the pants of the experimenter and only you know
where you are trying to go with that. Listen to your
body and see if you can kiss and make up~~ :)

As an aside, I like to break my longer cleanses
by doing my orange juice and then I like to juice
and drink a Watermelon specifically because it
can do that final flush of the kidneys.



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