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Re: Please help me! by KJKI86 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/16/2022 1:07:09 PM ( 12 months ago ago)
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I definitely want to talk off forum but Iím too tired right now I am sad to say and pray Iím wrong but I took 600mg of praziquantel on Tuesday and after intense cramping or contracting for near 3 days I started feeling so much betterÖ but itís 6days later now and either hopefully maybe med is still working and thatís what I feel or this thing is coming back full speed and itís freaking me out! But you are so right and itís scary the reliance I have on my phone itís a catch 22 any books that could replace my use of internet to research this , suggestions needed! It legitimately looks like chunks of my liver are being expelled along with worms and it feels like this thing is trying to hang on while being pulled out and itís terribly painful not constant though but frequent. Itís also causing both men in household to have fits of anger and they donít know why and have never been this way before along with some other weird symptoms the Wi-Fi possibly, But there is some other stuff going on with my husband and Iím very concerned! Also does anyone know if it would be ok for me to take a dose of iver this week I have in between doses of praziquantel!? And 12mg or 3mg? Or more ? Suggestions welcome and @patcholi1961 we need to chat Iím not sure how to do everything on this site bc Iím new to it but we def need to chat!

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