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Re: Still a lot of breast cysts after supplementing for 15 months... feeling discouraged!! by Dafnii ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   6/3/2020 6:24:42 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Dear Grace,
I have been on Iodine for nearly 2 years and from my experience I can say that you need to keep adjusting the dose of Iodine and companion nutrients and listen to your body. There is no one perfect dose for everyone, as we are all different and have different levels of toxins to get rid of and ailments to cure. Some people on this forum take really high doses which I donít know if I can ever reach.

I am also doing it all by myself as I haven't found any Iodine literate doctors to consult here in London, so it can be a bit scary sometimes and I also posted questions here before but didnít get answers, it seems that the forum is not as active as it used to be. Before even starting I read a lot, Brownstein, Lynne Farrow, this forum, watched Brownstein and Flechas videos and organised myself.
I did the iodine loading test before starting and then a year later I took it again and my iodine level had hardly moved, I was really baffled because at the same time I had noticed positive changes like less breast tenderness, less painful periods, less prone to infections so I thought that my body is simply using up all the iodine and it needs more time or the form of iodine used was not well absorbed. I have to add that for the first year I was taking 50mg Lugols and companion nutrients (based on the iodine protocol) and based on what I have read in the forum some people absorb Lugols better and others Iodoral. So after a little break last summer I decided to switch to Iodoral and slowly worked up my dose to 150mg which now I divide in 3 doses during the day (also plays a role for some people, while others take it all at once in the morning) but generally I try to take the last dose before 3pm. Are you taking Lugols or Iodoral?

To answer your question about the salt loading and vitamin C I think they are extremely important! The salt loading helps to drive out the toxins and bromide that are displaced by the iodine out of our system and the vitamin C is a strong antioxidant - that helps the body recover. Somewhere I read that iodine is an oxidant so we need minimum 3-4g of vitamin C a day to help the body with the detoxing that iodine brings. I can say that whenever I feel detox symptoms like low energy, heavy head even a single salt loading brings a relief, the recommendation is to even do it twice a day if you need. Ah! and based on the iodine protocol the vitamin C should be taken 4-6 hours after the iodine and try to also divide it in doses as your body can't absorb more than 1g in one go. I recently had a tight feel in my neck which apparently can happen as the thyroid is absorbing more iodine but it went away by upping my dose from 100mg to 150mg, dividing it and being a bit more organised with my salt flushes and Vitamin C.
Try to add those to your daily routine and listen to your body.

I feel great in terms of energy and my breasts are much better but I can still feel a little tenderness and lumpiness. Somewhere in the forum I read that it can take a good 4 years to saturate your body with iodine so I guess we just need to be patient and conscientious. I am planning to take another loading test in a couple months to see if the level has come up. This and the way we feel are the only indicators of how the therapy is working.

Also, I have been painting my breasts with Lugols Ė first a couple drops spread on the skin and then top it with a bit of grapeseed oil to drive it in and prevent the skin from drying. I think it helps (almost no tenderness before period) but itís still work in progress.

Regarding the cherry angiomas I donít know much Ė I have some on my body too. Are they large? Have you had them before or they appeared when you started the iodine?


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