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Boosting Weightloss on a Water Fast by Chippers89 ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   8/28/2019 2:16:44 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hi folks,
Iím currently on my 12th day of a water only fast, almost 22lbs down. Iím doing this for both the health benefits but primarily weight loss. I was aiming for 28 days but I think 21 is more realistic, because of boredom more than anything else.

Unfortunately I am at the point now where weight loss has ground to a halt. True water fasters will (probably rightly) argue that you shouldnít take anything else during the fast as it will interfere with the health benefits, but I am really hoping to amp up the fat burning. I will continue to consume water only for another 9 days but honestly the boredom and dreadful taste are starting to drive me crazy and I think Iíll struggle to do much more than that.

So, I am looking for suggestions, if there are any, for things I can put in my water on the last week that will boost my weight loss before I start properly refeeding. Presumably (even though the body is in ketosis) because the digestive system has gone into hibernation the body wonít be using many calories and therefore wonít be burning much fat. Will adding a little lemon water in that last week get the metabolism up and running again? Or ACV, Salts, cucumber slices (letting them sit in the water not eating the slices) etc? I donít want to be consuming many calories but would like to start seeing better results on the scales.

Also, as I start refeeding, I have read that the gut bacteria is severely depleted after a water fast, how do you address this so you arenít creating more digestive problems?

Finally, does anyone have a rough plan for which foods to start refeeding with? I have been told by some sources that high water fruit and veg like cucumber and melon. But other sources have said the roughage is too much for your digestion and the Sugar in melon can wreak havoc. Any thoughts?

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