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Re: Waterfasting to lose 150 pounds and saggy skin...18 years old by bliss33 ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   6/27/2015 3:38:33 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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do not exercise on a water fast. exercise on a juice fast. or go on a strict fruit and vegetable diet. ur frame of mind on a water faster is going to get u into trouble. Water Fast is for healing not losing weight. this is from another post. check these people out. weight is also created by fears and emotions. lose weight the conscious loving kind way. i swear to u taking the rite path wills save u from all kinds of hell in the long run.

y dont u mix it up? water, coconut water, lemon water, and juicing and even raw food?
i like Philip McCluskey. he lost 200 lbs doing just that and he gives lots of tips and sagging skin which he overcame. its really important that u do enemas or colonics and body brush, there r vizualization techniques, pressure points etc. check out the gabriel method, he also lost 200lbs and has no sagging skin. obesity is an epidemic and there is loads of material available on search engines and you tube. loads of people losing 100lbs fasting but more so juice than water. also w juice fasting u dont have to worry about not getting nutrients and starving and can work out etc. if ur skin does sag, people w the same experience (google it) say in 2 years ur skin will shrink back. i agree that at ur age since u still have loads of collagen and elastin u wont have a problem. give urself hearty massages w coconut oil. or at least a natural oil bc ur skin will absorb it esp if its hungry :)

iv done 15 days on water and 30 days on juice. juice makes me crazy hungry so what i find works for me is coconut water. i live in a tropical place tho. so i can get coconuts at the grocery store.

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