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Re: My 20 years of pain. by #1130 ..... Depression Forum

Date:   3/22/2005 10:27:03 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Wow, there is a lot here. I have cleaned my diet up a lot. I am more active (I was in a car accident recently, and had/have limited mobility). I take the stairs. I walk everywhere. I do Yoga, and Tae Kwon Do. I have tried Qi Gong, meditation. I take Homozon so I can sleep thru the night. I do have highs and lows. I did have a big Candida problem manifested outwardly as rashes, but I don't eat dairy or yeast products. I don't eat red meat, and I don't have fillings. I do still have visions of suicide. I have deep rooted issues (No offense, but some of them are religiously based, so I am not looking for faith based rehabilitation). I am a whiner, and need to pick myself up. I, for some reason, can not pick up the phone and call a professional. 1/2 of my excuse is I have no time. Between work/school/ kids and home stuff, I'm very lucky I have time to do the things above. I do too much, this is true. I don't have help, true, too. I am a working mother and a lot of people have this problem. I don't know the answer. I have tried several things. I am still confused about the parasite zapper, I just see so many versions. I have to research that more, I suppose. I have done flushes and used herbal parasite killers with positive effects. I am testing the waters here and there, trying to find my saving grace. I generally push things out of my mind when they pop in there, I read that's not good in a response above. I am not doing myself justice, I know, by trying to do it all myself, but I'm taking baby steps here. I have some bad social phobias, so going to see a doctor, or going to ask someone for something is a HUGE step for me. Even going to the gas station gives me super anxiety. Computers are impersonal, so typing here is much easier. I do need human contact to help me, though. Thank you all for your suggestions, and I am taking notes and drawing a little bit from everyone who responded to me. It's a long path, and I have a lot of healing to do. Keep the suggestions coming, I am really keeping notes and doing some great research as a result.

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