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Date:   12/1/2014 6:37:35 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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After my divorce, I put on nearly 40 extra pounds. I could no longer fit into my clothes. I put on so much weight that my ex-wife didn't recognize me when she passed by me in a grocery store.

I didn't like what happened to me, at 54 years of age, I had always been trim and fit. My body embarrassed me, I didn't like to look into mirrors.

Having been an energy therapist for several years, I knew that my weight issues were emotional. My daughter (who was living with me) said that she can't believe how little I eat and I was still gaining. My daughter said "you look like a marshmallow".

Most often weight issues are about subconscious beliefs about lack of safety or wanting to be unattractive.

The ex-wife has narcissistic personality disorder, if you don't know what that is: it like living with a demon incarnate.

I began working on the above issues. I could not trust any woman as I saw them all as potential narcissists. Hence the subconscious need to be unattractive. And nobody is safe with a narcissist around.

As I cleared these issues the weight gain stopped. As I continued to work on these emotional issues, the weight started to drop gradually. In one year I lost about 25 pounds, no change in diet, no change in my exercise routine. (before, it was getting harder and harder to touch my toes).

I'm not yet back to where I would like, but now my clothes are too big and my wonderful new wife took in my pants by 2" and my shirts now hang on me like tents.

10 more pounds and I will attain my ideal weight and it looks like I will make it.

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