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Re: the new medicine by purplepixie ..... Diet Debates Forum

Date:   7/17/2013 5:01:41 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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My friend who has been on 80/10/10 high carb, fruit diet for over 5 yrs is extremely irrational, obsessive, narcissistic, and still in poor health. He cannot handle much at all, disagrees with everyone, is aggressive to strangers such as other drivers. His general demeanour is apathetic, procrastinatory and disgruntled. He can't be bothered to do much despite all the thousands of high fruit carb calories he gets a day!

His mental status on the diet, and that of others i observe on such diets, like D.R, attest that such a diet is not the best for creating a balanced mind. Durian Rider is obsessively posting vids on UTube pointing the finger at anyone he can...he seeks out conflict. His language also is disgusting and disrespectful to people who don't use use curse words every fifth word. His trophy...oh i mean girlfriend Freelee is equally as narcissistic as her boyfriend and if her dress-sense were to get any more skimpy on her vids she may as well be naked.

So, the OP makes a very good point in his statement about the psychological effects of eating ripe fruit.
You have to admit you're rather obsessive yourself - pot kettle black springs to mind.

Another element you and all fruitarians dismiss is that most fruit, especially ripe fruit, is loaded with histamine. Histamine is a vasodilator and can cause extreme effects when the body have a huge load of histamine for prolonged periods. It's an inflammatory neurotransmitter. And guess what..cortisol is the body's primary anti-inflammatory steroid! (still don't believe in AF?)

I found this out after becoming seriously ill on a fruit diet and have 2 shock episodes due to low blood pressure. My blood histamine was lethally high driving down my BP and increased my heart beat to chronically high levels. My anxiety was out of control.
Bananas are the worst for encouraging the body to release histamine! Strawberries...oranges...all berries....histamine loaders.
I also discovered the 2 enzymes that break down histamine in the body are mutated, so hence why i developed high histamine very quickly on a fruit based diet. These mutations are common with people with methylation problems....which is a sizeable portion of the population - but most don't know it...because most are not eating the diet you encourage - thankfully!

My point being Nat...not one size fits all. A fruit only diet is extreme. Let's face it most on 30bad and 801010 are 90% fruit based...with a few lettuces and perhaps a handful of nuts thrown in. It's not what you term 'plant-based'.
You have to accept that kind of diet is actually DANGEROUS for people with certain constitutions.
It's not a 'fail safe' type of diet at all.


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