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Re: Still no answer from moderators by Leollipop ..... Webmaster Debate & Suggestions

Date:   5/21/2013 10:23:39 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I just wanted to say i hope you do add natway back into the support section.. A lot of the time i think he comes off as crazy and as a troll to a lot of people, but he's really not.. people have just attacked the things he says so much that he's kind of become "tainted" and no one is really willing to trust what he says because of that..

This site i find is really confusing.. there are a lot of people who come on here sick and looking for answers and there is just so much information on here that just makes everything so complicated.. I've had a lot of problems myself and I've taken so many supplements and gone on restricting diets and looked up so many different conditions that might be wrong with me.. why I'm so fatigued but can't sleep, why my digestion is so screwed and im depressed and have so much anxiety.. there's just so much crap out there that you feel like almost everything you do is wrong.. you feel like you have to do all these cleanses and detoxes to get better, or that you have to avoid this food and that food and eat this way and at this time.. that your mineral or electrolyte balances must be off or something so you must supplement with this or whatever else.. these kind of rules are enough to make a person go insane! I know it's what drove me insane.. i had so much anxiety about making a mistake or not following this crap that somehow caused my problems in the first place.. It just goes around in a cycle..

I've talked to natway a lot and he's helped me so much because he's made me realise that i don't need to make this complicated for myself.. maybe a lot of the people who come on here are so far gone that simple solutions won't help them as much.. but there are so many people on here who are depleted mentally and physically who are looking for help and absorb so much information about everything that is wrong and everything that they should and shouldn't eat or should do and shouldn't do that they don't even know how to take care of their bodies anymore.. a lot of the people on here complain about being underweight yet believe it is ok to go on fasts and restricting diets or intense detoxes in order to get better, but for a lot of us it just makes things worse.. I have only just started to realise how much a lack of food messes with my head.. my body has been in starvation mode and i didn't even realise! I thought it was helping me to cut out so much food because food is "the enemy" it's going to make me sick! But according to the internet watching tv is going to make me sick, brushing my teeth is going to make me sick, drinking the wrong kind of water is going to make me sick.. I'm so tired of everything being so complicated and impossible to the point where i can't even have a life and then i wonder why i have so much anxiety and feel so stressed out

At the moment I've kind of accepted that i have an eating disorder.. it's not due to being obsessed about my weight and wanting to look thin.. it's due to the fact that i have been so terrified of making any mistakes when it comes to eating out of fear of getting sick.. I've started eating a lot more and it has improved me so much even if there are a lot of negative symptoms that occur due to my body trying to normalise itself.. I never ever ever would have realised this if i hadn't talked to natway and probably would be sitting around trying to figure out ways to control my anxiety with meditation or waiting to improve my digestive system by following insane digestion rules and being on permanent restrictive diets.. the only reason why natway even says this stuff is because he's dealt with it himself and doesn't want anyone to go through what he did.. it's so much more damaging to the body and mind than a lot of people realise.. you guys can fight with him all you want but believe or not there are a lot of you who would probably benefit from his advice! People on here talk so much about nutrition, but never about calories.. i felt better eating a ton of calorie filled junk food (not that i would go back to doing this) than i ever have eating a ton of vegetables..

Anyway i hope you reconsider adding him back sorry for my long post.. natway is really sweet even if he doesn't come across that way to a lot of you.. (this is coming from a 21 year old girl not a creepy fisherman by the way) i just hope a lot of you realise that he does mean well even if he is opinionated.. he just doesn't want anyone to end up going down the wrong path like he did himself

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