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I think i need help with tapeworm by gregplus ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/26/2013 6:01:01 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Its been a year since I noticed some strange movements in my gut. At that time I also started having constipation problems.

Energy is very low. Sugar cravings are very high.

I went to doctor and he did blod work, everything was OK. I asked for parasite test and he smiled... at the end he sent me for stool test, it ended up negative. He told me he does not have solution for me.

I used multivitamins, proteins etc. to get energy back, it did not help.

I went for endoscopy (stomack test), everyting was OK.


I than started using antiparasite suplements. First I used DrFloras, than Banyan Parasite Cleanse. I also ordered Olive Leaf extract as well as Oregano extract. I also used a high dose of CQ10 coenzime.

No change.

I went to doctor again asking for Praziquantel, somehow he prescribed these. After I took those 4 pills my bowel was cramping like crazy. After that I was feeling better, however, not to much better but it was notecable.

Today (4 months after that) I have the same problem again. I have headache, feeling like something is poisoning me and I know its comming from my bowel because I can feel movement, pressure that happens inside and I dont have that noise from my bowel when I dont eat like I had before. Also I did water fasting long time ago and I know that these tyoes of headaches are comming from my bowel toxins.

I never feel hungry, I only feel that I have no energy and that I have to eat. That nunger feeling is gone.

I ordered Vaxa Parasitin few days ago with hope that it would help. 

Today I felt that parasite is moving from my stomack to my mouth, I went to dink a lot of water and feling went away.


I am 99% sure that I have a huge parasite, probably tapeworm. I would love to get Niclosamide, however, not sure where I can order in USA. 


I decided not to go to the doctor again because they are very expensive and they dont take me seriuosly. I have feeling they are just trying to make as much money as they can from patients. Medicine can not be a business!


Anyway, if I have a tapeworm is there any other way to kill it, other that using wormwood-blackwalnut based supplements, because looks like they are not working for me..-


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