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Re: So many options, so little time. How to wrap my mind around it all by Jonsher_uk ..... Ulcerative Colitis Forum

Date:   8/12/2010 4:09:49 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I use only a few drops of Lugols now.
I mostly use KI. Like I said, if you can tolerate it, use 5 to 10 ml Lugols with vitamin c or a gram or more of KI
and you may find you get a reduction in bleeding quite quickly.

I used small amounts of Lugols for a year before I tried the gram doses and they didn't stop me having a moderate flare up. Only the teaspoons of reduced lugols sorted that out. I did try the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement again first but it made me very sick and failed to work, even though it had worked the year before and the effect had lasted for a year. The mistake I made was taking 6 drop doses of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement almost straight away whereas previously I had built up drop by drop, and it took a long time.

I now think Iodide is far superior to Miracle-Mineral-Supplement even though it has no direct effect on bacteria. It seems to heal the ulceration and make the bowel resistant to further damage. It's worked well for me for over a year now anyway and I only take a gram of KI occasionally now plus a few drops of lugols a day. I'm a bit erratic and I take it when I feel I need it.

Take lugols with vitamin c whenever you like. If you have active colitis you should take no more than a few drops without c and away from food. I use ascorbic acid powder but I guess ascorbate will work too.
Breaking up the doses is best but two doses should be enough to work well. Like one teaspoon at a time. I really recommend you use KI instead of lugols though.

One side effect of lugols in that amount for me was urethritis. I don't know why and not everyone gets that but it was pretty painful. I don't think KI has that effect. It's as if the excess Iodide gets oxidised back to Iodine in your bladder and burns on the way out. I don't think KI can have that effect. Well I've used several grams of it a day and it hasn't yet


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