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Cora - Clinic in Mexico by nonmoi ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/18/2009 3:11:15 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Yes, the name is International Biocare - and previously, they were American Biologics I think.

I repeatedly asked the doctor there - Vasquez (the director is Rodrigo Rodriguez) for the protocol they will follow exactly in my case. Right? I want to know EXACTLY what will be done and for what.

This is the answer I got:

1- Intestinal and digestive candidiasis (in the colon, small intestine and oesophagus) for 15 years. Candida always comes back.

How will candida infection be treated? Which procedures and how often? Which supplements will I take after?
Diet for candida , IV biox daily, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy daily and Ultraviolet blood irradiation 2-3 times a week depending on your blood work parameters.

2- Allergy to candida itself; which makes me allergic to all moulds and yeasts; therefore I cannot eat grains, nuts, even some herbal teas if they have moulds on them. Allergy to moulds, candida and yeast is responsible for continuing intestinal inflammation.

How will this allergic reactions be treated?

By removing cause effect

We understand these reaction as part of the same chronic immune system imbalance conditioned by your candida; as soon the treatment begins to work the reaction will decrease in intensity; obviously our meals here, teas, food are hypoallergenic

3- Severe leaky gut and intestinal inflammation.
- and toxins are spilling out of the gut and spreading in my skin at all times. Itchiness on the entire surface of my skin, and feelings of needles, or stings inside the skin. These symptoms in the skin (due to leaking of toxins) is the most bothersome, painful, unpleasant thing I have ever gone through and this is what I want to see eliminated.

Again this will be accomplished with the detox program we have, Please do not expect an immediate response to a chronic condition you have. In part the hypersensibility you have is related to a toxin produced by the candida.

How will leaky gut, severely inflammed intestines be treated? coffee enemas with such inflammation?

Yes, organic coffee enemas, which are very helpful to detox your colon and liver.

4- Liver is congested and somewhat inflammed. My liver does swell up at time, with chemical medications like antifungals and HRT. Nausea and painful gallbladder.

How is the liver going to be treated?

Same answer to prior question plus natural liver protectants orally and IV

There is another one called Sanoviv. But they are 7000$ a week!!! This I can't afford. I cannot tell if they are any better.

It is very difficult to judge, since there are testimonials on Internet as to recovery. I tried to find ex-patients, but couldn't.

Thanks for your info; since am from Canada and also have lived in Asia for 20 years, I am not aware of all the ongoings in medical practices in USA.


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