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Re: I've got CHRONIC ANXIETY.....(HELP) by jbuzzme ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/19/2007 2:29:04 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Someone else mentioned about testing your adrenals. I am expert at suffering from hypoadrenalism. I think candida toxins contributed majorly to weakening them over the years. I did have low thyroid, too, but cleansing has corrected that. Adrenals are more difficult to recover because we use them so much to balance our stress (the stress glands). Many people who are toxin-sensitive or having allergies, may do well to focus on their adrenal glands. Make sure the Dr. uses the saliva testing, not merely blood serum. I've never had formal testing, just a kinesiologist. But everything matched up with the book on that website. I even used the author's products, which are some of the best, but have been able to graduate to food supplements.
The candida cleanse will intensify any symptoms you may already know, the "cleansing reaction". But low adrenals are usually accompanied by fatigue. Your electrolytes become imbalanced and your kidneys dump too much sodium. This could leave you fatigued if you eat fruit or juice in the morning (high potassium), which could balance-out in the afternoon. I eat more salt (natural) in the morning. Fruits and dark veggies at night. Potassium to sodium ratio naturally tries to stay at 1:20 , if I remember right. Go to
to get a good book on it. I have never been able to guzzle Gator-Aide without a reaction. I never knew why, but now I realize that it has too much potassium for me. I actually weaned myself off my hydrocortisone onto Himalayan Goji juice (though it's high in potassium) and homemade kefir can be a wonderful stimulant to the adrenals, as well as helping to restore your flora (use raw/organic, or at least vat pasteurized/organic). My success story for candida came from


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