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Date:   10/17/2007 3:56:18 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi all,

I want to give you all some hope. Yes, I too had MCS. HAD, as in the past. It is possible to get through this. Yes, I was hopeless and desperate. Yes, I felt totally isolated and alone.

But this is all behind me now. I am well. I went to a psychologist who does neurofeedback. Neurofeedback helps to balance the brainwave patterns. People with MCS have very high beta waves. The delta waves represent deep sleep, theta waves represent ligher sleep, alpha waves represent meditative states or drowsiness states, and beta waves are the fully awake and alert states. (These are overgeneralizations but you get the idea.) There are several levels of beta waves. The higher the level the more anxious the person is. With MCS people present with higher levels of beta waves . The high beta waves then send messages to the mind that the situation presented is dangerous and as a result the mind then triggers various things to happen in the body ... (such as increases in certain hormones, heart rate, blood pressure etc.) By reducing the higher beta waves the anxiety levels come down and the body is given the message that everything is safe. The anxiety state that drives all of the negative effects in the body ceases and the body returns to a more balance state.

People with higher beta waves condition more quickly than people with low beta waves. What does this mean? By being around X smell, if your beta waves are low, you will not have a reaction. But, if your beta waves are higher, you would. MSC, from this standpoint, is a conditioned response.

Doing the neurofeedback is just one part of the treatment. Another part is doing diaphragmatic breathing. People with MCS typically breathe from their chest, not diaphram. (Check out your breathing right now. Put one hand on your chest, another on your stomach area. Take a deep breath. Which hand is pushed forward - the one on your chest or the one on your stomach? ) As a result the breathing is shallow and there is a CO2/O2 imbalance in the brain which causes imbalances in the body such as a hyperacidic state, tight muscles, indigestion, sleep problems, panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc, etc etc. I did diaphragmatic breathing for 30 min twice a day.

Are your hand cold or warm? Cold hands generally indicate that your beta waves are running higher than they should be . A calmer state would produce a more balanced blood flow into your hands.

The third part of this treatment is cognitive therapy. It is extremely important for the neurofeedback to work that the person stop catastophizing (this increases beta waves) and becomes more positive thinking. The thinking will impact the beta waves. So when you think unpleasant thoughts, your beta waves go up. Calm, positive thoughts bring the beta waves down. If you frequently think negatively , this will cause the beta waves to predominately be high much of the time.

As part of my healing I distanced myself from others with MCS. The beliefs did not help me, nor did any of the books, newsletters or other readings which reinforced the MCS beliefs.

I also know of people who have gotten well from MCS by doing Neuromodulation Technique, which is an energy based treatment, NAIT, another energy based treatmen, Allergy Antidotes, yet another energy based treatment.

Of course it is helpful to address whatever other imbalances that are going on in your body.

I hope this helps some people. Stay positive. It is possible to get well.


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