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Cured Chronic GERD. There is hope
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Published: 15 years ago

Cured Chronic GERD. There is hope

Hi everybody,

I am new here and just thought that I must inform you all of my experience with this debilitating disease and how easy it is to fix "yeah right" you all say, thats what i said. So here goes. My husband has suffered with gastric reflux for the past seven years and up until nine months ago had tried evrthing from homeopathy, to naturopathy and was eventually put on 2x40mg Nexium twice a day, this still hardly touched it. After a scope the Dr told us he has Barrets esophogus (spelling) and would probably develop cancer if he never had surgery to "fix" it. After he explained all the bad effects he would have to live with after this op we decided against it. It got so bad he had to sleep on a recliner (passion killer of note) He stopped being ale to enjoy a normal meal because he could not swallow. anything solid would cause a painful spasm where he would have to try vomit it up cause it wouldnt go the other way. My life was falling apart because i thought i was going to loose the love of my life to this BS. Nine monhs ago out of shear deperation and after hous of searching for a magical cure....I found one. Apple cider vinegar, honey and Bicarbonate of soda. They promised it would work and when i told my hubby he said he would rather stick a bullet in his head then drink more "acid". I explained that his reflux was so bad because he had no acid in his stomach to begin with. With no acid in the stomach the stomach cannot close its upper sphincter. WHen there is enough acid the brain tells the sphincter to close and like magic - no more reflux. It also aids digestion, ith all the PPI's he was on the food was just fermenting in his stomach causing more trouble. After much begging, many tears and alot of prayers he finally gave in and agreed to try it. His reflux is gone, we enjoy our bed together, he can eat whatver he likes, chillies, the lot. Its GONE GONE GONE no more expensive meds. Im not selling anything here but if you suffer from this PLEASE look at this web site. IT did burn him for the first week but we hung in there and thank God we did. As crazy as it sounds stick it out you wont regret it. If it fixed him there is no doubt in my mind it will help some of you. BEST OF LUCK to all who suffer, i really feel your pain.

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