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Re: A new victim of UC
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: A new victim of UC

Hello Steve,
If the procedure is done correctly,you should see a positive result
within one week.Since most first poor results come from an improper following of the diet sheet instructions,please send me your daily diet.
The diet is just as important as the vitamin E enema. Vegetables have more insoluble fiber that binds stool. Fruit has more soluble fiber that has the opposite effect. No fruit or fruit juice of any kind. No frozen vegetables. Freezing destroys the fiber structure. It is easy to use all the vegetables. Wash them all and use part of each,
keep the rest in the refrigerator. I fill a bowl 7Ēx 2.5Ē twice a day with cooked broccoli,
carrot, parsnip, turnip, yellow squash ,mushrooms. It is easy to prepare in a micro-oven. You place slices of carrot, parsnip,onions and turnip in the bowl for 2 minutes.
Than add the broccoli (the best) and yellow squash for another 2.50 minutes. You than add the
mushrooms for 1.75 minutes. Asparagus, UPPER part of stalk only, baked potato (Donít eat first skin or the second layer just the white part), cauliflower, cucumber,spinach and tapioca pudding are good. Cooking in water is best then drinking the water. On a George Forman grill, I cook either salmon or chicken breast. I fry using olive oil, egg whites, 1/3 cup, (sold in a carton) every day. Fry first in water add the olive oil last.
High heat destroys olive oil. You can use 3 eggs a week or more if you donít have a cholesterol problem. You can also use canned tuna or sardines or other fish. Cold water
fish is best. Each day I have
ľ cup of brown rice with low fat yogurt, Sugar and salt are O.K. I cook ĺ of a cup of pearl barley; then keep in the refrigerator and use at every meal three tablespoons of barley.
Also corn (Delmonte uses unfrozen corn).
It is very important to use distilled water. No cold drinks. Some bottled water is no better than tap water. I use a distiller that is sold by American Water Distillers sold for $99. ( type in distiller on your front page for the address)what I
remove is Ĺ cup of brown water from every gallon of city water and since the colon is sore it may be sensitive to these things I pull the electric plug before the distiller shuts off which saves cleaning. Drink 6 glasses of water each day (8 oz).
I can eat every thing in a restaurant now, even salads, without a bad effect. I may lose stool form (I use as the indicator) for a bad food choice. This diet is not written in stone USE OTHER fresh vegetables you may prefer or limit the grains at first.. Eat comfortable portions and a variety of vegetables, each have a different fiber. There will be an increase in flatulence until your colon becomes accustomed to the fiber in your diet. As always, any question, ASK. You should also be sure to eat egg whites or eggs twice a day and walk at least 30 minutes a day. No stressful exercise.
If you cannot follow the diet CLOSELY for a short time period to get the positive result, donít start the procedure. THE PROCEDURE WILL NOT WORK IF THE DIET IS NOT FOLLOWED PROPERLY. The fiber binds the stool keeping irritation against the colon wall to a minimum that stops the bleeding and aids the colon in healing itself. The vitamin E works at the source of the infection.
The above vegetables are all high fiber. You should see a positive effect in 6 days. After the procedure heals, you can make diet adjustments that will be right for you. The food should be WELL COOKED and warm.
THE OUTER SKIN OF THE PARSNIP, CARROT ,TURNIP, BEETS ,POTATO and CUCUMBER should be removed. Vegetable skins have a high concentration of fiber that can be an irritant to the colon..
A $ 2.50 vegetable peeler works best by removing more of the top fiber layer.
Keep me informed daily of your diet. Most poor results happen from an improper diet.
Follow the diet as closely as possible.
Remember NO fruit or fruit juice
If you try the procedure, any information sent back should be helpful to others.
If possible read ďNEW FACTS ABOUT FIBERí by Betty Kamen PHD
The Elaine Gottschall SCD diet will not work ,there are to many wrong foods.
If you have not been using vegetables, start the higher fiber diet by increasing the portions over a period of time.
Distilled water NOT filtered, mineral, spring, tap or bottled water.
Cooking the vegetables in a covered pyrex dish with water in an oven is best because the food has a higher food value and drink the cooking water.
Frying the eggs in water (onion is good but optional) then add olive oil after the cooking. Boiled eggs are OK.
One multi vitamin & mineral capsule and one 500 mg. vitamin C (ester C is best),400 IU vitamin E every day.
Posting your results at // in the search window type in vitamin E enema then go to testimonials. This will be of help to others.

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