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Re: Brain Worms treatment remedies?

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Published: 6 months ago
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Re: Brain Worms treatment remedies?

A more detailed history and or symptoms, more detailed treatment formulas and dosing schedule undertaken is required to offer an opinion.

Without test results that indicate a specific species, dosing may not be warranted. What is the justification?

It is hard to say what species you have in your brain. It is more common to have some small filarial stage of a species wonder around, without a particular brain infection, but head infection, sinus, eyes, ears, skull bone, teeth, throat, mouth. Most of these symptoms, or worm appearance only occur with med dosing routines. It is also possible for small blood borne stages to release enzymes that can cause brain dysfunction during their multiplication process. Symptoms can be suppressed using a stasis formula, where symptoms become more describable and discernible.

Detailed symptoms or side effects journal is required to even venture a guess. Seldom is a brain infection diagnosed, even with MRI data.

You have listed Flatworm meds, White worm meds, and red worm meds. This could be a complicated infection, or just a list of meds you have tried.

Brain infections can be flat, white, or red worms. While there are many possible species, the most common are Ascaris, or filarial stages that fog the mind. One in the group indicated Cysticercosis. Several have toxocara. Hyper strongyloides may also show up as a side infection in brain tissues. Blood flukes have been indicated in several persons.

Most longer worms are either ropeworms or tapeworms.

I would approach brain infections with scan of flatworm meds ALB, Alinia, Prazi, D3, Calcium, TCBZ, Castor oil, peppermint oil, etc. DEC would break most white worm population infections at the filarial stage. Fenben, Moxi, Pumpkin seed oil, Flax seed oil, thymol, pine needle oil, Levamisole are red worm meds for tougher species. Fenben and IVM are also used commonly in brainfog infections. Finally scan of higher doses of Mebendazole formulas. Most scan criteria are short duration of say 3 days of nominal dose levels, searching for a reaction or change. Longer than 3 days could actually kill something, which could be dangerous in brain infection situations. Getting an idea of what meds you react to could help identify potential species of infection. Slowly work into a progression of single med tests to formulas, to be a cautious as possible. Then one goes from nominal doses to higher dose patterns, to eliminate the med from potential candidates list. I would initially avoid Piperazine, OXFen and OXBen, since attacking adults is seldom a good initial idea. Doing a challenge test to identify meds that cause a reaction can be a tricky process that required knowledge of safe dosing levels and duration's. This is also known as black box testing.

The risk of progression of tests must be offset by a poor health situation. Why do this dosing unless your health, life, or situation is at risk.

There are doctors that use Dr Clark's scan method. I perceive the resolution of this technique is low. Generally these doctors also scan common meds. In certain people this approach is insufficient.


So slow ramp to 200mg per day of DEC is a precautionary move, in your situation. Low dose carbon and bicarbonate. In my situation I had a hyper Ascaris infection that required a higher dose of DEC, but this subject is to complex to describe here.

Most people with complicated infections start and stop meds, do not zero in on specific species, or the drain on the health or immune system become to much.

It takes a lot of focus to set the most probable dose and duration for a particular infection. Identifying infections is difficult at best.

I suspect you could test low for B12, indicating a Tapeworm infection. Coconut oil may also be helpful for keytones.

Remember, catch one worm in a family, you can catch them all. Low immune with flat worms makes you susceptible to catching more and more species in the family. The sooner you clear tapeworms, the sooner you can get to the flukes.

In my infection, I was able to identify several formulas for flat worms, white worms, and finally red worms. There were hundreds of formula attempts, but ultimately only 7 flatworm formulas, 2 or 3 white worm formulas, and a few red worm formulas. The group has made attempts at Asian flukes, and Toxocara. European Flukes seam to be a new focus.

My approach was to clear flat worms first, White worms second, and Red worms third.

It took 4 tries to get flat worms. It took 2 years to clear Ascaris. I will probably never cure the red worm strongyles.

Along the way there were many lesser species that were cleared. It can be hard to distinguish between stages and or species.

That is why formulas for you are determined by getting a foot hold of basic meds, and then scanning each med for the family one at a time.

In the case of an Ascaris infection, the formula is quite complex.

The full approach uses Ph. Monitoring, Hair analysis for essential minerals and metals, and a good knowledge of metals, ions, nitrogen vs sulfur, etc.

I also discovered my stasis formula, which holds the infection under control, by taking a combination of white and red worm meds, while clearing the flat worm infection.

Taking the time to develop a stasis formula can be worth the time. This simultaneous medication, in a low dose, continuously can help break the enzyme control a species has on the body.

I failed clearing the flat worm infection a few times. Finally I won. Ultimately I used a combination of Prazi and Levamisole to clear what I believe was a final gigantic fluke infection.

Flats never returned. It was quite a battle.

Then I had an Elisa test for Ascaris. More than a battle, more like a war. I knew I had an infection with the test result, so my fighting the infection was justified.

There is a lot of education required. There is risk management. Finally there is safety issues with long term situations.

Most infections are curable. For the few management is possible. For a couple, the infections are stronger than the meds.

I will contact you via a private message.


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