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Re: Please help me!

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Published: 13 months ago
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Re: Please help me!

It is astonishing some of the similarities in our symptoms, Iím sorry my responses although long are hasty I am just overwhelmed with this and trying to keep up/catch up with everything else itís hard to adjust and only going to get more difficult for a while as I figure out how to shift and adjust to the lifestyle changes this will require for me to implement in household! If it was just me I could manage and adapt more quickly unfortunately outside of meals the rest of my family loves all the foods they shouldnít eat and ate really making a very happy home for whatever this is I imagine! I have lost weight but I canít tell you how much because the scale has been questioned for a while but the other day I finally put it to a real test, I weighed myself in the bathroom three times in three different places (not more than a foot apart) and weighed 129, 144, & 175! So I can tell you that by more certain scales a year ago I weighed 215 and was wearing size 13 and last dr visit I weighed 170 and I fluctuate daily on size between 4 and 7 (constricting clothing leads me to direct influx of other symptoms most often symptoms similar to someoneís Sugar dropping) at this point if the worm wants me to change pants I do it because waiting to see what and how bad results of not doing so can range from slight discomfort and allergy like issues to far more serious symptoms like the need to lay down on tile floor because Iím going to faint and throw up and my chest hurts and sweatingÖ also I have made the realization that whatís being expelled is not worms in my BM, itís BM in the worms! I know it sounds the same but itís definitely not the same! Itís as if the thing has layered my digestive tract and Iím just the shell I donít know how to describe this really but when I was examining what had come out and clean off what wasnít worm I saw a lot of it was coming out of the ďwormĒ not coming off of it to be clear what these particular ďwormsĒ look like is sections of a banana slug that has been sliced open one side looks just like a slugs skin and the other looks like fibers in say a pineapple. And yes Iíve been eating pineapple because it seems to do some good at the least with nausea and I need that help, but I assure you unless a pineapple can be diced and then chewed well and then come back together, larger than any one whole piece I was eating, inside my stomach and also turn into solid rubbery consistency, itís not undigested food! And from the looks of it food is being super digested just not by me but if you were to imagine bmís in terms of grades of concrete there is the kind that is somewhat ground but still has chunks of rocks ( or undigested food when talking BM) but then there finely ground concrete that is like completely ground to uniform dust and thatís what this thing is doing to everything I eat aside from fruit and veggie skins and other parts of itself or other worms. Up until recently I didnít chew as much as I should have Iím sure and things didnít get fully digested now if any part of my bm looks different itís worm or worm part everything else is like fine grade concrete that is setting to solid! I donít know what is going on and I pray my trying to explain makes some sense. The part where you mentioned your symptoms vary system to system makes so much sense and the things under skin for me appeared like a blood clot but not following the path a blood clot would follow unless blood clots can switch directions multiple times and move side to side as well as up and down. Over all it did generally follow the route of circulatory system from hand up arm through chest to other side into neck and then I got headache and exhausted like when they went er the poppy field on The Wizard of oz. I feel itís worth mentioning the level of discomfort I feel when it feels like itís in my heart or chest cavity is pretty awful but a mix of pain and discomfort whenever I feels it in liver or kidney area itís sheer pain in spurts and not much other sensation. Have you had a CBC done and looked it through? Iím curious because I read a post on Reddit (not regarding parasites, howeverÖ) the symptoms matched mine almost to a t and the blood work did too which I thought was wild because things Iíve read to be blood signs of parasites like increased eosinophils is not reflected in my bloodwork. But my RBC is low and WBC high, and creatine is constantly low, folate low causing anemia given my lifestyle and diet this shouldnít beÖ oh and I definitely get the twilight zone reference however recently Iíve realized what Iíd always thought was a ridiculous movie, Dreamcatcher, is becoming reality and Iím wondering if Steven King might have delt with worms himself! Iíve gotta get some sleep but look forward to hearing back! Oh and i will message you my email address tomorrow sorry I didnít already! Night!

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