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Please help me!

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KJKI86 Views: 1,022
Published: 10 months ago

Please help me!
Iíve been going through post for days and Iím still stumped but something is going on with myself and my family and Iím pretty sure itís a parasite well really thereís no doubt but how many!? Weíve been having some serious joint and back pain as well as abdominal pain, severe constipation to the point I had external hemorrhoids (sorry thereís so much TMI in what I have to share) but also random urgent voiding of my bowels with terrible smell, severe random construction of muscles in different areas at different times like Charlie horses in legs arms hands fingers arches of feet. Dizziness like head is swimming nausea pain in groin lump in throat like something wonít hauk up and my husband canít even swallow regular food because of it mine comes and goes, pain at top of back. Crawling sensation under skin one time I got a picture of what looks like scratch but 5 min later it was gone completely, and then it happened on my scalp and forehead and left a weird rash of little clear fluid bumps like pin point size , I also have Psoriasis but Iíve had it for half my life and usually manage alright but it is unmanageable with whatever this is going on, and the other pin point rash is not Psoriasis however some odd looking Psoriasis patches that have popped up Iím starting to think may not be psoriasisÖ I have not had a high fever except back in September when this first started happening but somewhat dismissed by dr and decided it was bad bout of Sappo virus and the rest must just be from age but now itís back all the way strong I took a dose of iver and this was all in my stool the picture of two worms is zoomed in they were very small, and I highly doubt pin worms bc thereís been little to no itch in all these months, there have been remnants in bed but larger than Iíve ever seen from a Tapeworm more like broken spaghetti than rice and just slightly shorter than the length of a dime and vary in color from white yellow and orange, I would say about the size of a toe mail clipping from big toe but obviously that could varyÖ my toddler is showing signs possibly now! To give a few more clues we live in rural area on large property I take care of my dad who has dementia and he walks the property (possibly drinking water out of river or cattle troughís) heís had some loose stools Iíve cleaned and one was even just clear orange grease looking. We also have a raccoon problem and wild hogs, the raccoons claimed our shed and my husband and I have been working on cleaning it up and driving them out, and also kissing bugs that carry chaggas (probably spelled that wrong) are frequent in our are. Oh also a week ago I woke up thinking I had a sty and a rice sized swollen lump at edge of eyelid, later that day there was something definitely squirming in eyelid near duct and even caused my peripheral vision to start strobing for about an hourÖ and weird headaches and this feeling in one nostril like the very beginning of a sneeze but doesnít turn into a sneeze and doesnít really go away, it feels like my nose is fixing to bleed and never does. Please if anyone has a clue fill me in because the drís are stumped and we canít afford to go from dr to dr but Iím filled with a terrible sense of dread and worry this might do me in completely if I donít get some help soon! Thank you for your time and for any ideas or help I really donít want to die and I really donít want to keep feeling this way I feel like this is how my kids are going to remember their childhood and I donít want that. Oh also lack of mental clarity agitation and declining eye sight for my husband and myself (and maybe some of these things are just a sign of getting older but for my husband and I to both be having it happen at the same time and heís about 10ths older than me just doesnít seem normal) again thank you for any help, please help!

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