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journey of my whole life
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Published: 29 months ago

journey of my whole life

from sick, on several daily meds, and an OTC or three. ailments included sky high High blood pressure, obesity, depression, sludge blood, pre diabetic, etc. some of the journey is chronicled here since about the age of 40+, with a gap between my last post and a recent one.

I am not going to get into the specifics because, everyone here is different with different nutritional needs and levels of toxicity. Even within your own family there will be differences based upon ancestral history, geographic history and occupation.

if you use pesticides and herbicides in and around your home, use chemicals such as air freshners, dryer sheets etc. it all adds to your toxic load.

another reason I am NOT posting specifics is that I do not wish to get into ANY debate AT ALL about this or that diet. I am certainly not going to change what works for me because you or some book says so. I personally developed and customized my own diet over several decades that works for me - it IS omnivore. END OF STORY.

For YOU; just eat those foods and in the amounts, that make you feel good, and DITCH all of the ones that make you feel bad.

same with supplements if you go that route.

the simple explanation is again - MODERN MEDICINE IS ALL WRONG - in terms of chronic disease.

the simple explanation is everyone's needs are different and there is NO one size fits all.

the simple explanation is - the food industry is lying to you.

the simple explanation is the medical industry is lying to you.

Pasteur and GERM THEORY has been, and is all a fraud - Bechamp and Bernard who argued against "germ theory" were correct - it IS about the "terrain" end of story - terrain is NOT a theory.

Bechamp and Bernard simplified

health = nutrition and toxicity PERIOD.

low toxicity and high nutrition will correct most ails over time unless your parents, their parents, and their parents, etal were sick, ill, whatever and their genome along with the proteins in their egg and sperm were passed onto you... permanent changes in genetics takes generations - the Bible says 7... so if you are a generation or two out on the bad side of things, even more, you can turn things around and/or correct them BEFORE having children and in turn, have healthier children than your parents did.

Modern medicine as part of an annual exam should do the following things PERIOD:

Full nutritional profile including balances of and between minerals, vitamins, proteins, HEALTHY fats. Brown, Beige and White fat ratios etc.

Full hormonal profile including balances of said hormones.

full biome analysis including your virome - yes, we all carry hundreds of virus too.

to be blunt every breath you take is full of bacteria, mold, fungi, virus. it is the way of things and how our biome/virome communicates with the environment around us.

any problems with the above in terms of nutrition could be resolved in mild to moderate cases with diet... in more severe cases, supplementation WITH THE RIGHT FORMs and amounts. one form of supplement and/or amount, may work well for one individual better than another and so on - if these things did not, or do not correct hormonal balances, then find out where the heck metabolic issue lies and take action to correct the error.

we are SYMBIONTS... our cells have our DNA, bacteria, fungi, virus have their DNA/RNA/protein structures, OUR Mitochondria have their DNA.

and all the above are pleomorphic... in a healthy, clean environment they function as intended, in a dirty toxic environment they work against your health and wellness.

the health of the food you eat depends upon the foods AVAILABLE nutrition content and toxicity of said food - hormones, herbicides, pesticides, avicides, rodentcides, food industry additives, and processing chemicals, etc. etc. all increase the toxic load of the food AND prevent absorption of nutrients... a double whammy so to speak and I thin on purpose... create medical problems making money - then treat problems created making money.

another thing - EVERYTHING you consume for nutrition has its own DNA... good or bad... we incorporate our food's genome into our bodies. this is how life works and communicates with the surrounding environment.

please use your heads and extrapolate out as far as you can wrap your heads around what I am saying... it is NOT linear AT ALL. And please be kind to others, their success path can and will differ from your own.

if medicine would have wen the right direction over 150 years ago... we would not find ourselves where we are today... in a sick, mentally and physically society.

at 65, I am on 0 - NO - meds. 11% body fat, between 40 and 41% muscle mass, heart rate in high 40s, low 50s, BP mornings in the 110s over 70s, oxygen saturation fluctuates between 99 and 100%.

body age when I was about 40 was in my 70s... today, 25 years later is is 60... 5 years younger than I am. do the math - a huge swing and success story.


it takes a lifetime of dedication to doing the right things.

sometimes it takes saying no even if it feels uncomfortable.


Make healthy choices a HABIT - make not so healthy choices a rare occasion and all health, mental and physical will improve.

if friends and family get in your way of making real habits and progress... ditch the so called friends - they are NOT your friends, and educate your loved ones to support you AND your efforts.

if they love you back, they will "tolerate" it... and if they see improvement in you - they may even join you. I have doctor friends that have witnessed my transformation and are so impressed - that they have a different world view about medicine.

that is how you change the world.

be the change

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