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Re: How to promote full evacuation of bowel while entering on a long water fast
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: How to promote full evacuation of bowel while entering on a long water fast


I did my first longish Water Fast after a ten day vipassana retreat— the retreat was on my top-ten list, and the fast seemed
totally OTT, before i did that retreat. ( this may seem off-topic but i feel it is very relevant to the important issue of promoting
full release; the retreat lets you let go of a lot of the underpinnings of why we hold onto “ shit”, you could say. :-) ) If i were going to do what you are thinking of, i would sincerely consider doing a. ipassana retreat, before. For me, it was wonderful. Good food, no need to do
anything but tend to the meditation. Amid the best in supportive circumstance. and these retreats are available worldwide. one of the best
preps. imv, since the schedule and the meals will really set a good tone...

Anyway, i had read a lot, and was rather enamoured of the concept of a “complete” water fast.
( esp. love Edward Purinton. his fasting manual is available or used to be on the Soil And Health Library. You perhaps read
Herbert Shelton, a fav of one of the early members of the forum, active a few years back. )

My advice, do not hold too fast to that outcome, -completion- with your first longish fast. better to set a possible time,
like twenty one days, ( which was a far more pleasant fast for me than 29 days), and take it day by day. I think it is quite elusive,
this fasting to completion...meaning, perhaps “true hunger” does not return before you feel utterly depleted, and then it will take
longer to go through re-feeding, and gaining back strength and digestive power. it is a drag, frankly, to eat when you don’t
have the physical desire to eat, but feel like you are ‘out of gas’. my 29 days took me about a month of re-feeding to feel good,
whereas with the 21 days, i felt good on the very first sip of tomato juice, when i broke the fast. and re-feeding was much easier.

—and given the weight of stuff we have consumed in this modern gmo era, as well as the meds you have taken, my sense is,
it would be too hard on you. ( This “completion” water fast. ) The fasting masters, as far as i have understood, from my research,
all generally agree, in the end, that less is best. That is, do the least you can, to achieve the most you are seeking.
In that sense, shorter fasts are preferable, - again—in my estimation. maybe only 7-ten days. or less. just for example,
one fast every six or eight weeks or so, until you are well. or once a season. with very good eating between.
that is key, of course. It is all too easy to fall into a trap of kind of flogging the body as some kind of perceived penance
for past errors... far better to be gentle with oneself, and to have, as one member put it, imperishable patience.

I was 52, ( feel younger now at 60) and did a twenty-nine day wfast. ( following a few short ones) I would strongly suggest
preparation... you are right to be concerned about emptying the bowel, and your concern shows you are right.
preparation such as Liver Flushing also, maybe a week before, while eating a clean, non mucous-forming diet...would probably be very good.
( i too used to have hep C)

I found liver flushing, at least the first couple i did, gave me a lot of benefit, (as much as the wfast itself, perhaps, looking back),
and that gave me more confidence for the Water Fast itself.

RE: Colon cleanse

I also really really like the ayurvedic salt water flush. ( for a thorough cleanse of the colon. )It is two teaspoons GOOD salt in a quart
of boiled hot water. to me, goes down like a nice broth. you can do a CZ search on the details of that. i would maybe do one-3 of these. before, if i were wfasting today.

so, 1-3 mornings before the water fast. Then i would eat raw and salads, sautéed veg. and soup and such, high water content, and fruit mono meals. and good fats, avocado, coconut, olive oil.. a week before a water fast. eating well, as much as possible. And personally, i think coffee drinkers probably are some of the most denydrated people... the ones who likely need colon cleansing. If you drink coffee, milky drinks, soda, you are dehydrated, and would do well to quit these before.

All that said, i actually had red wine ( i sipped at) the first three evenings of the water fast. to each her own. that got me over the three day hump, and i have always approached red wine as a sacrament, so it just worked for me. Once I’d begun fasting with only water, i favoured hot, boiled water to drink, which is remarkably satisfying, and cleansing.

i had three bm’s, totally naturally, about evenly spaced through the fast. The 3rd one on the last day, before breaking the fast. I did not feel any discomfort that way.

But only you know ( or sense) the state of your digestive tract. i did not have constipation, and was reasonably well hydrated. ( some people, most people are systemically dehydrated).

the “fasting masters’ i like do not subscribe to enemas, feeling they are unnecesarily enervating. ( depleting). I have never done an enema, nor wanted to, or a colonic, ( although I have in the past considered getting a colema board, and would probably do so if constipation or chronic disease were an issue for me.. these days i like the idea and the experience of taking Haritaki powder nightly, not fasting, i mean, when eating—which is an excellent stomach healer and cleanser, and healer. )

Also, important: I would only ever do the salt water flush, aka oral enema Before the water fast, not during. Although after would be fine—say, a day or two, or three after. The salt water flush is also very good, in my experience, for following up a liver flush, a day or two later, to make sure to clear all stones, so their toxins are not reabsorbed.

you could also ( as prep.) take a pinch or two of Epsom Salts with each of your meals a week or two before the water fast. this will encourage better and more regular evacuation, and give you probably much needed magnesium. many are short of magnesium.

best, Chiron.

ps. you can find my posts here, you might find some benefit to reading one or more of them. I am sure you can achieve your goals!
much of the value of Water Fasting comes after the fast, however, with how you change your consciousness about nourishment, and
“conditions”. As you have done a 13 day wfast, you already know what is possible, have disengaged from food, which puts you in a small group of people who cannot be duped by conventional medical thinking and so on... so you are well ahead....

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