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Re: alopecia and vitiligo
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: alopecia and vitiligo

Vitiligo has a cause sure it is an autoimmune  reaction, but that is  not the cause. To me auto- immune  it is an umbrella term. The body is reacting to something , but to what? The toxic gluten and dairy cross reaction, dryer sheets, memory foam, deadly addictive's, aspartame GMO emotions, mold, sugar metals etc.... The sure way to get diagnosed is a biopsy. My dermatologist gave me steriod cream I wondered is turning off the immune system with steriod creams work well? According to my dermatologist 30% of the vitiligo cases are cured by the steroid creams, of course this is not a high number. Also suggested covering the white sites with Dermablend The next step if cream fails is laser, then a few more attempts then depigmentation cream. And move to Canada few sunny days YIKES!!!

 I have been researching this and some people with Vitiligo have  had mold exposure. and the mold  triggers lower MH hormone which directly effects the skin. It is pretty interesing and way more complex than that, but it does make you think.

. I have read that vitiligo is consider a fungus on you skin and can be killed by applying hydrogen peroxide and borax like ten times a day...for many days, I gonna give it a try. .

The other cause I've read may be candida overgrowth. Candida and mold love sugar so you must starve them a very basic no carb diet with virgin organic coconut oil made from fresh coconut remember do not buy anything made or with dried coconut it has mycotoxins in it which is mold.

I read of case where the guy does three days of nothing but Virgin organic coconut oil to kill candida.

I'm on diflucan and on sugar free , no carb diet and no fungus foods like coffee, peanut , etc..

My doctor did a genetic test I think it was 23andme may shed some more light on the subject that my body does not clear toxins as fast as others peoples body.


Another study, showed vitiligo is caused from  low stomch acid The extent of the vitiligo correlated with the patient's deficiency of stomach hydrochloric acid look up the study HCL supplementation  might work for some. My doctor gave me HCL supplementation pills and she told me to take a few bites of food and take the pill and if no burning . Then that is fine next time you eat take a few bites and take two pills  the next time if there and then once you reach the point of burning back off to two pills or one pills . So, reaching my comfort zone with it was pretty simple now I'm taking those to see if that will do the trick


I read about a case where a girl has it and her parents take her several places in the world . She was  cured in China in Chinese hospital. I have greatest respect for Chinese Medicine because for me it has been so miraculous

 My point is that there are answers , great knowledge and cures out there but, apparently some cures or knowledge is not mainstream or just not allowed . I think the movie, Who Killed The Electric Car, is a pretty good depiction of the  whys, and who behind  suppression


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