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Reality of fasting for weight loss
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Published: 8 years ago
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Reality of fasting for weight loss

Weight loss is a combination of calories in and calories out. Depending where these energy sources come from will depend on how much weight you lose. Also take in mind that your metabolism will reflect calories burned which will reflect pounds loss. Fasting can seem like a quick way to lose weight. But it rarely is the fastest way to lose. It is not a magical way to lose the weight.

As someone who has fasted for years I can tell you that eating a clean diet and exercising will help you lose more weight and KEEP IT OFF than fasting. I think fasting is a wonderful way to kick start a diet (sometimes) then sometimes it will cause a cycle of binging (depends on the person).

So how much weight would you lose?
You could lose between 1 to 10 pounds in a day. It all varies on your body. Have you ever weighed yourself everyday for a month? Women can drop 10 lbs in a day if they suddenly get enough fluids in their body (its all about hydration). A lot of times fasting weight loss is vanity pounds. I have never lost weight in a week and thought, "I lost 10 lbs of fat" It is more like, "I lost 10 lbs of water retention" And yes that weight can severely change your body composition. Water weight can reflect greatly on our waistlines. But you can get the same results eating and drinking enough water (which is surprisingly a lot more water than most people ever drink). No matter if you are fasting try to drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight. If you do that, I guarantee you will lose weight.

Skin sagging is very much a combination of genes and hydration. If you drink enough water and weight train your body will look a lot better than someone who doesn't work their muscles and fasts. Many hygienist books will tell you that your shape during fasting will stay the same. Meaning if you are shaped like a pear you will look the same just smaller.

Your body reflects your physical activity. So you must move to shape your body. Fasting does not allow you to always do that. I have fasted and exercised for years. But that isn't something everyone can do. I can do that because my metabolism is much slower than average (that isn't a good thing). It also means I have a harder time losing weight.

I am not going to tell you can't lose weight fasting. It is totally possible with the right lifestyle change. It is important to be honest of why you are so fat to begin with. Diet? Mental health? Activity level? These all contribute to ones body shape. Figure out why you are fat and make small changes, that way it is a lifestyle change and you are likely to stick with it than crash fasting.

Maybe your weight has to do with your eating habits? Make a plan to eat better. Stock your fridge with healthy foods. Maybe intermediate fast and break those fasts with whole foods and exercise. That is a sure way to lose a lot of weight and maintain your weight loss.

If you have any questions PM or message me here.

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