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Why are sinkholes made one after another?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Why are sinkholes made one after another?

Why are sinkholes made one after another?

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

The big sinkhole in Papua New Guinea.

Two waterfalls full of water fall to the bottom of the big sinkhole shown in the above youtube and it seems this scene informs people that the inside of the earth looks like this one. as there are many underground cavities inside the earth.
Incidentally this water of the two falls shows the sea water forms the river inside the earth by its being filtered when it goes into the earth.
Though water of Dead Sea is becoming less it shows it is being filtered into the underground cavities, according to the previous True SKY(SORA)information given to me.

The sinkholes occurring frequently.

Forty-two sinkholes are introduced in this site.
Though sinkholes were introduced previously, too, there is the information which tells that more than three thousand sinkholes are being made around Dead Sea.

The sinkhole which turns up in a minute.


The huge sinkhole in Portugal looks like the shape of the giant keyhole-shaped mound seen in Japan.

The bulletin board tells as follows.
Where did a large amount of the mass of debris of nuclear fuel produced in Fukushima Accident go?

News(Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant issue: What about the truth?)
There is the following news.
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant causes the new panic.
The overseas researchers and related people of the government are worrying about.
The worst crisis of underground critical is in progress? -------------------------------------------------------------

The news is reprinted.

---What does this mean?
The conceivable is that the debris of nuclear fuel changed into the state which shows the different reaction to the nuclear power plant changed into the state that shows the different reaction against the traditional water injection cooling process.
For example the debris penetrated the concrete under the containment vessel and reached the ground(meltdown)and contacted the underground water.
From the first to the third plant of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the nuclear fuel caused meltdown and was accumulated in the below part of the containment vessel just after the huge earthquake.
It got apparent by the clairvoyance shooting which was done by taking advantage of muon that has the strong penetrating power of the substance.
It was conducted for the second power plant from April to July of last year by Nagoya university.
Furthermore the robot research which was conducted two meter above the bottom of containment vessel for the first power plant, the debris of ultra-high temperature of several thousand degrees melted the pressure vessel and fell down was shot by the traces at the bottom of the pressure vessel.
However the accurate place of the debris has not been identified and the bottom of the containment vessel looked flat.
Then where did a large amount of debris of more than 100 tons?
This phenomenon is the same as many sinkholes which are being made by Atom-boys recently.
Though Atom-boys don't tell me of their own accord but they reply ゙Yes゙, when I ask them.
In short, atoms of 100 tons ' debris released the hands and the mass of nuclear fuel disappeared?
My mouth moved and often told me the truth is that it would become impossible for Japanese to live in Tohoku district after 3/11.
However I think we should appreciate and thank as atoms have kept today's situation in which people can live there.
However the SKY (SORA), the universe informs me atoms do evil deeds as humans demonize them.
The epicenter of 3/11 was near the nuclear plant of Onagawa but the damage was much larger in Fukushima which is far away from the epicenter.
Though it may be unbelievable, a reader of The True SKY(SORA)Info was working for the cleaning at the nuclear plant of Onagawa .
Moreover he had thanked to the atoms of the radioactivity by telling thanks for their working for humans.
Why did the big earthquake, however, happen?
It was because humans never admit atoms have consciousness even though atoms were kind enough by working for humans.
Therefore they got angry and planned to make the earth previous flat state, I was told.
However the beings in the outer space acknowledged humans, even though a few, began to understand atoms which configure the earth have consciousness and began to give thanks to atoms who were kind enough to work for humans.
Therefore the plan to make the earth flat was stopped, I was told.
The earth was flat previously, though it is round now.
However most humans don't admit atoms have consciousness however often they might be told.
Moreover they want to focus only on their own interests
Consequently atoms who are supporting the earth start to release their hands in unison and sinkholes are being made one after another.
The substance can keep its shape as atoms are holding their hands with one another.
However the substance will disappear in an instant when atoms stop holding their hands.
It is shown by the sinkhole.
Atoms are making the demonstration exercise by producing the sinkholes.
The truth was that atoms didn't want to cause big earthquake but they know the domination of the earth by the religions got harsher and harsher.
Therefore the subconscious of the people who are ruled by religions ask for the help to the outer space and want to be born again earlier.
The subconscious of humans mourn too much if the consciousness of humans believe religions because religions were given to humans by the stars of snakes which want to dominate humans.
Those snake stars enjoy the conflict among humans.
People who believe religions usually don't pay attention to the conflict caused by the difference of religions, for example the conflicts between Christianity and Islam.
That's why atoms begins to inform humans by dint of causing the big disasters, I was told.

Not only the appearance of sinkholes but also we humans have come to suffer the severer weather year by year.
Atoms are appealing to humans by those phenomena.

However the voice of atoms may not reach those who believe religions because the leaders of religions will surely tell sinkholes are made by Devil and science believer will tell harsher weather is caused by nature with no consciousness.
Takashi(translator of my site) often tells moderators of weather forums usually ban his posting about atoms have consciousness.
Consequently people can't understand why weather gets harsher and harsher year by year.
I wonder how long can the earth keep the round shape?

The sink holes on parade








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