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Re: Merry Christmas to you too!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Merry Christmas to you too!

First things first..

I have got some opportunities to start making some serious money with this stuff. However, I haven't done that nor I will. Why? I wan't to tell the biggest secret in this whole health world.. to what most people are completely blind, even it's the most important one. I was one of them.

The best possible food and body cleansings are just parts of the bigger picture. Soul food is as important, propably even more important factor in all this. What is soul food?

Maybe it's better to think what it is not for first. It's not poverty, lack, hurry, routine, disrespect / neglect towards normal bodily needs (sleep, defecation, rest etc..), constant worrying, toxin exposure, lack of joy and happiness due to all this..

It really has nothing to do with choices, I'm full of most spiritual crap (to be honest - and most spiritual stuff comes from.. yes, from those same, let's say, "bad guys", who are playing both side of the game). You are left with three options. 1) Be slave and above-mentioned list will be your reality for sure. 2) Steal from others by putting price tag to your love - and it's not real anymore. Mine is free. 3) Win a lottery.

I'm trying to say that people have to realize, that working (most forms of it, +99%) is a contraindication for healing. We are getting into core of this subject right now.

Most people think it's enough to eat well and do cleansings (as I did), maybe do some spiritual work and that's it. Well.. as crazy it may sound - all that wasted time, every minute and second at working place has lasting effect on you. Let's make this very simple:

Invisible (psychic things -> emotions, feelings) take visible form (crap inside body): they build you up like food does. Slavery is frankenburger to soul. So: we need food for soul if we want to heal deeply AND prevent crap from forming. As many conscious people here know already, that is the name of the game - ultimate neglection towards everything that is human. We are NOT meant to find way out of this insanity. And we let it happen. It's almost year 2015 and humanity is still in same situation than millions, millions years ago. You can find as much proof to this as you ever want.

I don't want to rant but make this very clear. We need to work on every aspect to become whole. Cleansing and good food don't take you anywhere. Self-expression, abundance and freedom on every level is needed. Turning degeneration to regeneration without enormous piles of money is still impossible. You can't become immortal or decide lenght of your life (like earlier people did) without massive financial wealth. It's all well planned game to destroy and break down human mind - to direct extreme abuse to every aspect of our lives. Yeah this is going towards, let's say, traditional Conspiracy theories so I stop here. But I hope that I gave some food for thought.

Now some answers:

1) "I'm extremely curious about your detoxing knowledge. Please list some things you find most effective or tips/tricks etc.. like how often you do a liver flush"

Daily enemas with coffee or herbs, fiber blend* (see the recipe below), different forms of oxygen, bitter herbs, bacteria (self-made raw milk kefir, water kefir, sauerkraut, rejuvelac), everything raw and at least organic, urine therapy (all forms of it), juice fast, coconut oil fast, electrotherapy, Liver Flush when needed - over time you really learn to listen your body and intuition. See my Liver Flush recipe from my previous topic. Besides there's millions of other things but I think these are the most important ones.

*2/5 psyllium husk, 1/5 clay/flax seeds, 1/5 diatomaceus earth and remaining part is chili powder, garlic powder, chlorella plus all kinds of bitter and anti-parasitic herbs.

"Also, how has your health progressed throughout this time? Are you in good health now?"


"I want to know all the health benefits you reap from this flush."

Well, blue irises (they were olive-green), clear skin, fewer scars / scars disappering, no problems with energy or stamina, clear thinking, good sleeping (3-7h is enough), lots of mental power / inner wisdom / intuition etc. As I said, high-tech diseases are still there and cause me some issues that prevent me to Look and Be what I really am. I'm waiting impatiently what happens when they are gone.

2) "Are these photos taken from one flush or multiple? What was the duration between each flush and entire process? I have never used Oxypowder , what was the result after taking Oxypowder ?"

Photos are collected from past four years. Flushing has been irregular as I have learned to listen my body to avoid empty / unnecessary flushes - at beginning I flushed once monthly. I started flushing four years ago and it's still work in progress. Results from my two first periods of taking Oxypowder were pretty impressive. I strongly recommend all forms of oxygen-therapy.


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