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CBS/MTHFR Mutations, mercury chelation, Leaky Gut, Food allergies, Weston A Price, how do you supplement for these?
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Published: 10 years ago

CBS/MTHFR Mutations, mercury chelation, Leaky Gut, Food allergies, Weston A Price, how do you supplement for these?

Well perhaps I cannot be as point specific in the topic question as I would like.

But, after raising a question about the microsilica in the chelation forums, @BlisteringFate reminded me about Fredd/Yasko/Rich/et al speaking about CBS and MTHFR methylation mutations.

I never managed to learn about that particular issue in depth, because I came to it too far after my blitzing of my brain with ALA 2 years ago.

The gist was, people were always getting a 23andme test, now that is clearly out of my interest and budget for the moment. But I am curious as to what kind of supplementation it led to, if they suspect they have methylation issues, hetero/homozygous gene mutations, and probably celiacs or something related.

I tried to learn about Yasko ( and a number of other things) back in the beginning of May, albeit I crashed in mid June. A mild crash, but enough to keep me from reading biochemistry. That is the gestalt after all, of my symptoms, an inability to exert mental energy particularly into reading. And it was the beginning of June that I had the dental filling/rotten tooth extracted. So obviously, I am in a rehabilitating state of finally working out retention toxicity of mercury.

But, I well understand Freddd. I do take off an on a stack of TMG, SAM-e, methylfolate, and the 2 types of B12 recommended by Freddd. But it hasn't had any significant effect.

I have only began to chelate with ALA some. The results were standard, at the end of my first week round, I had spots on the nails and I broke out in a fever blister.
But I have put chelating to the side for the moment.

There are some definite wacky issues with my thyroid. Probably amino-acid issues, and adrenal issues, (I still get throbbing in the adrenal/kidney area from time to time). So, if I take things like rhodiola, or L-Tyrosine, or Huperzine, its gonna be a bad day. So I don't .. .

But, I am working with 7 mineral deficiencies. . .

Frankly, the people in the Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome community, doing the 23andme tests, downplay the role of mercury, at best, if they regard it. They really focus on getting some sort of stack from Yasko for the mutations, but I cannot see how this stack differs much from Freddd or from a typical DAN approach for autism, or detox approach for Leaky Gut Syndrome or Lyme's. And why do you think all the Lyme's people just magically have so much mercury, ya know? Think about it.

Now look, if I do have mercury, ALA done right is going to help better than doing nothing at all, and if I have methylation mutations, taking things like carnitine, and TMG and methylB12/folate is going to help some.

For me, being on a de facto Weston A Price diet is still what keeps me from just killing over dead as of the last 5 years. (I probably weighed 330lbs then with pre-diabetes, I only weigh 240~ and increased testosterone 30%, gained muscle, grew an inch and a half in height, do not look the same person - if you read into Dave Asprey, or John Gabriel, you'll learn about things like this).

So to make my point, what stack do you take to deal with methylation mutation?, and do you think that it is not possible to chelate mercury even with ALA, if you are not taking this combination of glandulars and neutraceuticals, adrenal/thyroid support stuff?

Still haven't heard a word about MicroSilica.

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