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Re: Starting 30 day semi-fast to cure ulcerative colitis & leaky gut
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Starting 30 day semi-fast to cure ulcerative colitis & leaky gut

Sure, I have recorded details of my experience for my own future reference. Here you go -

I am diagnosed with ulcerative colitis with leaky gut syndrome which made me allergic to more than 95% of the foods. My symptoms included intolerance to cold weather (cold allergy), chronic fatigue, sleep disorder, Arthritis type body/joint pain, migraine headache & motion disorder - diarrhea/constipation alternating. I also had deep Depression (or hopelessness), anxiety & irritability which I now believe was caused due to this condition & was not purely psychological.

After extensive research on several websites, bulletin boards & books, I came up with my own therapeutic fasting which in my opinion worked very well for me. I was planning for 10 days of rigorous fasting on urine alone but couldn't do for more than 3 days. It still helped a lot. Before I started the fasting, I consumed only coconut water & some light moong bean soup for some 3-4 days. I went on the full diet on March 1st. I kept a journal & logged everything I consumed, my feelings & physical reactions during the fasting period.

Here is a list of things I got before I started (or during) the fast.

1. Triphala: This is an ayurvedic herbal formula for circulatory (blood) & digestive system detoxification. You can buy it at Whole foods in tablet form but I bought 16 oz bulk powder from ebay at
If you don't use ebay, you can buy from the same seller directly via
This seller is in Santa Cruz & delivers within 3 days.

2. Herbal formula, 'Nutrition Now Yeast Defense 60 caps': This is all herbal formula for removing yeast & other parasites from body. It is available at whole foods but I bought it from
This was delivered within 3-4 days.

3. Redwood Farm Plain Goat Yogurt ( I bought this from Whole Foods. There is an equivalent yogurt available at Trader Joe's which is little cheaper called Trader Joe's Goat Yogurt ( I kept the goat yogurt out in room temperature for 1 full day so that it fermented little more. Although the yogurt gets little more sour & tangy, this trick actually further removes more lactose & casein protein which causes allergies to people with weak immune system. I was very allergic to goat yogurt before I started the rigorous diet/fasting program.

4. Zico brand pure coconut water - 1 liter/32 oz can. Most other brands have some preservatives so I choose Zico. I bought this from whole foods.

5. Funnel seeds. This is available in whole foods or any Indian grocery shop.

6. Distilled or bottled water. We buy the reverse osmosis water from local vending machine. Tap water is highly chlorinated which is supposedly very bad for conditions like mine.

Following is what I exactly I did during the fasting/dieting.

Day 1: Full urine looping. Looping means consuming (drinking) almost 100% of the own urine ... from morning to night. It was quite disgusting in the beginning but then I found some tricks that worked for me well. I would close the nose & drink which helped a lot. Also I ate some fennel seeds (1-2 teaspoons) before & after consuming. At night I consumed Triphala powder - 2 teaspoons. I consumed bottled water as needed.

Day 2: Full urine looping with fennel seeds. Triphala - 2 teaspoons at night. The urine tasted little better ... somewhat medicinal due to Triphala taken night before & fasting I think. On day 2, I added a herbal formula called 'Nutrition Now Yeast Defense' - 1 capsule at around noon & then 1 capsules in evening around 7pm. Lots of bottled water.

Day 3: Full urine looping with fennel seeds & Triphala - 2 teaspoon at night. Also took 2 capsules of Yeast Defense at noon, 2 at night. On day 3, I felt extremely hungry, weak, lethargic & even dizzy. Felt like body was crying out due to starvation so that night I consumed 1 cup (8 oz) of zico branded pure coconut water upon request from wife. This day, I was mostly bed ridden. Didn't had the confidence to drive or walk outside. For diabetics, full fasting may be unsafe. I would recommend consuming coconut water for diabetics even on day 1. Within 3 days, I lost 8-10 lbs which may not be healthy at all.

Day 4 - Day 10: Urine only in the morning. 2 capsules of Yeast Defense at noon & 2 capsules evening around 7 pm. Triphala 2 teaspoons at night. Several cups of coconut water. Also introduced light moong bean soup. Was still feeling starved & weak so on day 4 around 2 pm in afternoon, I started consuming Goat Yogurt. Over the next few days, I consumed a lot of goat yogurt ... anywhere from 1 cup to 1 full liter (32oz) of goat yogurt per day! I was not only able to tolerate but also found it to be very therapeutic as some of the websites mentioned. I slowly started consuming pigeon peas soup, brown & white rice without any problems at all & always took it with enough goat yogurt.

One interesting thing I noticed after day 4 was that I became quite introspective/meditative ... most likely because of urine therapy. Also my senses became quite acute. I had cravings for various foods but I could easily control myself. Just by tasting food, I was able to predict if it would cause me pain or it was safe. I call this real gut feelings. I completely relied on my gut instincts to experiment with various foods. After day 10, I even started eating organic sourdough wheat bread from trader joe's & also aged goat cheese also from trader joe's. Sourdough bread is tolerable but cheese is not quite healthy for me I think but I did eat because I missed it very much. After I started full meals (after day 10), I could see the huge difference my fast/diet did to me. My energy, optimism, passion to life, work seemed to return after some 3-4 years of chronic condition. Also the weather was changing & that too helped me a lot. Till day 10, I ate sparingly - some brown & white rice, moong beans & pigeon peas soup, lot of goat yogurt & some coconut & distilled water.

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