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Re: I have hepatitis c, galstones, kidney stones and ulcerative colitis
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: I have hepatitis c, galstones, kidney stones and ulcerative colitis

Kcirla told me not to tell people about this method but here is what the only other man besides me with autoimmune colitis to try mimicking one of the most common fetal hand positions said about his experience. Placing your finger in your ear, or thumb in the mouth for that matter are other fetal hand behaviors and are identical in result illn my experience with putting the hand up hear the chin or clavicle. And that slightt pressure against the inner wall of the ear can be duplicated by putting a piece of an organic cotton ball in the ear which is what he did. I can explain this in greater detail if anyone is interested, Ne too was away from radiation from electronics in the room which make this not work. Does anyone here want to try putting their hand up near their chin for ten or twenty minutes with the elecltronic off and tell me what percent of their discomfort/pain from UC disappears. It takes me ten minutes to eliminate almost all of it. It may be nencessary for the user to be wearing non gmo cotton next to the affected area to get the result, we both did and synthetic clothes and gmo cotton causes autoimmune symptomes in me in seconds.


speedy vussi > wrote: Hello Steve

I have read an article written by you about the fetal cure

Is this some sort of joke or is it real?.

Where did you learn about this technique if it is indeed not a hoax?

Should I place a piece of cotton wool in both ears or just one ear?

I have been suffering for colitis for more than 20 years and I am prepared
try anything that will free me of this dreaded disease.

Second Email.

speedy vussi > wrote: Hello Steve

I did the fetal cure last night and the results were amazing. I was
suffering a
severe flareup with my colitis during the last few weeks. I was having
about 20
bowel movements of watery and bloody stools.

I placed a cotton ball in my right ear and then sat in the dark for about
hour. I then went to bed with the cotton ball still intact in my ear. I
got up
this morning and changed the cotton ball and then took a shower with it.

I only had one bowel movement today. There was no blood in my stools My
had a better formation though still watery. My abdominal and back pains
gone. Yes colitis is a autoimmune disease. I would appreciate it if you
let me know what to avoid with colitis.

I would the address of your webside by searching google for a cure for
Someone placed the address of your website on the following message board

P.S : Can you tell me how you came to know about this wonderful cure?


Third Email

speedy vussi > wrote:Hello Steve

Day 3 report.

All my symptoms of colitis have disappeared except that my stool formation
still not normal. I have noticed that my hayfever/rhinitis has completely
vanished. I have been a hayfever sufferer as long as I was suffering from
colitis. I will meet my mother in law on Saturday and I will ask her what
of Arthritis she has.

P.S : Can I post your website on other IBD message boards. I have suffered
such a long time and I really feel sorry for others who have been
from this disease. Not everyone will try this cure but there must be other
desperate people like me who are willing to give it a try


Forth email:

speedy vussi > wrote:Hello Steve

Sorry that I was not in contact with you during the last few days. I was
feeling so well that I decided to take a little vacation into the
mountains. I
would have written to you but unfortunately I did not have access to the

I have been literally pigging myself during the last few days. I was
making up
for all the good foods I denied myself for years. Foods that irritated my
colitis. I can eat anything that my heart desires now

I am still using the cotton ball. My stools are getting more formed by the
I have an enormous amount of energy. Another thing that I noticed is that
sleep much more better with the cotton ball and I am not waking up very
like I previously did.


Steve Lord....

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