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Re: Starting 30 day semi-fast to cure ulcerative colitis & leaky gut
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Starting 30 day semi-fast to cure ulcerative colitis & leaky gut

Kciria, I was very sick. In the past I had Lyme disease. I got a handle on that but went on to have an infection in the bone beneath my teeth, something that had been smoldering during Lyme, I believe, as one of the last areas I had a bad herx was in the bone beneath my teeth.

So, I had lots of pathogens, having their home in hard-to-penetrate and treat bone.

I was in a lot of pain all over my skull. Tried all the standard herbal and dental treatments, got me out thousands of dollars but did not help.

Juicing (I never did a complete juice fast, but I drank a lot of freshly pressed vegetable juices) helped a little. I had to do so many different herbal Antibiotics and none helped significantly. When my ND gave me hardcore Antibiotics to get into my bone, it did help but only temporarily. After a few months I was in pain again, not to mention loss of bone around my teeth.

Oh, and I'd also done paragone and other parasite herbs intermittently, never had much of a result, and I'd done three liver flushes, getting no more stones the third time.

I started UT and immediately noticed a difference. Rubbing aged urine on my face and using it as a poultice immediately got rid of all the pain in my skull. Fasting on urine seemed to push the infection back more and more. I fasted 3 days, then one day a week, then 8 days, and now I'm one day a week again.

Because of some underlying condition, my urine becomes extremely foamy and acidic after about day 3 so I cannot drink it after a while. It is not that it become putrid, as I've heard described in cancer healing, it is measurably full of acids and also heaps of ketones. I did some research on this and it seems that if you aren't an active person--and those of us who are very ill are often less active--the body goes more thoroughly into buring ketones during fasting, which means that it digests your own muscles. So optimally, for a longer fast, you would be exercising every day to keep up the signal to your brain that you need your muscles, they are not food!

So, what I know: drinking urine is antipathogenic, because urea has a wide range of anti-pathogenic activity. I like to drink urine solely for the first few hours of the day, so that I can taste the urea penetrating through the skin of my mouth. This tells me that the urea remains fairly concentrated in the body for a while and that it works to beat pathogens.

A friend of mine was suffering from chronic pneumonia. She was taking expensive alternative medicine to keep it under control. With UT, she never gets sick and of course it is not expensive and you always have it with you.

I had a lot of pain around my liver area when I began this therapy--this is typical of Lyme, btw, which likes to inflame the gall bladder. I have been taking the NOW liver regenerator capsules and they helped, but it came back when I went off them. I haven't been supplementing for about two months and still my liver is good!

Urine has auto-immune adjusting properties. A lot of the illness we have are a combination of bacteria and auto-immune over-reaction.

I have to say, the first time I tried UT, about six years ago, I had a bad reaction to it. After a couple days of drinking, I felt dizzy and fatigued. I did not realize at the time that this was die-off.

This time I built up slowly and have been able to consume as much as I'd like without die-off.

I would like to add that what finally got me over the hill with this condition was, after the 8 day fast, beginning to drink raw milk and eat raw meat. On another board, someone suggested that I find ways to "challenge my immune system." The only think I could figure out in my situation was to eat raw meats. I did so, and I immediately felt it in the area above my teeth... as though bacteria or parasites were spreading out to vulnerable areas and bringing adjustment to the situation (both fighting down other bacteria and challenging my immune system in new ways. A few days later, my mouth was so much better. So-called "auto-therapies" are fascinating!

Anyway, if you had a bad reaction after two days of fasting, it may have been die-off.

I appreciate your participation here, it's always good to hear from people who have gone their journey and gotten results.


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