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Re: I really think I will die...

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: I really think I will die...

Hi Nonmoi

>>Started alpha-lipoic acid, but it's way not enough.

ALA is a chelator. And it chelates across the brain blood barrier, which is serious stuff. And it's very hard on the liver. You say it's not enough but you are putting a huge burden on your liver by taking it. No wonder your liver is having a hard time.

In addition, it's very important to use low dosages of ALA. In Cutler's book, he tells us to use it with DMSA, but only 6 months after you've had your fillings removed, and only after using DMSA (alone) for several cycles first.

Reading user reviews, several people reported getting sick or not getting results from using ALA alone.

Also, chelators, including ALA, soak up minerals that your body needs, which can be a problem especially if you don't cycle it. It's not meant to be used constantly.

Imo, you're getting sick from your supplements and in particular, you're using a chelator (ALA) that is killing your liver.

>>Started activated charcoal at night cause I read it
>>pulls out toxins and relieves the liver of burden.

Activated charcoal is not meant for long term use. Activated charcoal removes minerals from your GI tract, BUT it removes good minerals as well as heavy metals. Long term use of activated charcoal leaves you mineral deficient.

I'm betting that the activated charcoal is creating mineral deficiencies for you. There's another problem.

If you have a naturopath that does hair and blood tests for minerals, heavy metals, carb/protein/fat metabolism and vitamins, I'd look into that to see where my levels are at, it might give you some ideas if you are self diagnosing.

>>Isn't probiotics supplementation necessary though?

It wasn't necessary for me and (store bought) probiotics also didn't help me either (and I tried many times in 10 years to stop taking nilstat). Some probiotics, like sauerkraut and kefir, are extremely healthy when they are homemade, so I recommend eating these foods. I'm not sure if they would help with Candida, but they are extremely healthy foods to eat.

>>Chinese herbs are what have helped me the most.

Obviously the chinese herbs aren't helping enough because you wouldn't be on CZ feeling like you are going to die. If you believe in your chinese doctor and believe they can help you with Candida, then you should 100% believe in your chinese doctor and follow EVERYTHING they say for at least 2 months. If you're not feeling some relief and making progress by then, obviously they AREN'T helping, so you should try a new idea.

>>The diet is meat, veg, eggs and fish which is too much for my liver again. And I'm very strict.

IF you have mercury toxicity (you should really do a hair test to confirm this), then eating any fish is not good, all fish has mercury in it now, whether it's from a farm (which is terrible) or from the ocean. Dr Huggins says that many people who have their mercury fillings removed often have secondary immune reactions to fish (mercury) which can make them sick in various ways, everything from vomiting on the spot, recoccurence of old illnesses, and I've even read of paralysis. Just from eating fish.

So, anyone who thinks or knows they have mercury toxicity should not eat fish. This might also be a problem for you.

Eggs and meat are not hard on the liver, they use the liver (to produce bile), but not using the liver is also bad. Not having raw fats is bad also. Raw eggs are one of the best foods for the liver in my experience. Nothing is better.

>>Gastroenterologist. They patient-proof the hospital system here. YOu need backshish to get treated...

Believe me, a gastro won't be able to help, I had 6 over 10 years and most of them don't even believe in Candida. They can run blood tests to determine if something else is wrong though, which is worthwhile. If you really want to see one, get your family doctor (or a walk-in clinic) to recommend one. You will have to wait about 3 months to see one, unless you have black tarry stools or you are rectally bleeding, in which case they will see you the next day (that means either cancer or ulcerative colitis).

>>I do feel I need to wipe out candida urgently, hence my question about Nystatin. Maybe as you said, it's worth it to give you an initial boost. When I manage to crush the candida, and the inflammation it >>
>>causes, all skin symptoms vanish.

Just make sure you're off the ALA first. Maybe let your liver heal a bit first.

>>If you recommend Threelac, I will try it. How do you order it in Canada?

Just do a search for it, several of their distributors sell to Canada.


It's an important part of Candida control, so that's good. Some people on CZ don't do this so you have to check.

>>I have been tested for parasites, negative.

Most parasite testing is ineffective, because they can only test for certain types. Even if you test negative, I'd recommend doing a parasite cleanse (after your elimination organs are working). If the parasite cleanse (of 2 months) helps you, you know you have parasites. If the parasite cleanse doesn't help you, you know that parasites are not a problem for you, no harm done. It's a $50 experiment.

>>See this is why I think of the Mexican clinic - first they diagnose you, they detox you, give you the proper diet for YOU, treat whatever is going on.

If you believe in them and don't think other ideas are working, then you should go. Simple as that.

>>But I'd like to hear more about Liver Flushing - with olive oil and lemon juice, is that it?

Yes, the Hulda Clark way is a tried and proven way to do it. There are some ways to improve on it (like using some Dr Sutter methods, ultraphos and apple cider a few days before), but I find this is what works best. You said you can't do it though and it makes you sick, that is the most common complaint from people that have parasites and/or don't have regular BMs (and need a bowel cleanse).

>>If you are in Toronto, I just checked out Zoltan Rona's website and considering going to him. What do you think about him?

I checked out Dr Rona's website and he does live blood cell testing, which is very cool and useful, but I already have a guy that does that for me in Hamilton, and he's also a herbalist and knows iridology. And he's cheap ($75).

Looking at these user reviews, he tends to use a lot of supplements, and I'm not into supplements at all. Like I said, all supplements are ennervating in the long run. He is also extremely expensive and he is not a registered naturopath so he's not covered under insurance.

I'm getting close to being 100% fine now, especially now that my mercury fillings have been removed (last week). What would I even need help with? All I really need to to keep eating the Primal Diet and I'll continue healing.

Anyway, back to you. Having said that, between the ALA and the activated charcoal, I'm surprised any nutrients (in particular minerals) are making their way into your body. And I have no idea what other things you are taking. Especially if you've stopped eating all proteins. I'm sure all of your mineral and probably vitamin levels are low, and they are the cause. They are at least one cause. And the ALA is hard on the liver. So basically, the things you are taking are causing at least part of the problem imo.

Alternative health is very confusing, that's why you should try one thing at a time, for at least 2 months, WITHOUT modification. CZ is a place for self diagnosis and it's very confusing for people, there are often too many ideas. Sometimes I think it's best for people to get some ideas or things to try here and then go off and do them. Otherwise they should follow their mexican clinic, Dr Rona, or chinese doctor until they find they aren't getting any results from these people.

The thing that worked best for me was finding people who had the exact problem that I had and cured it. I just copied what they did. Too many people take suggestions from people that have never beaten the disease, which I don't understand at all.



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