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success w/ iodine for hyperthyroidism
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Published: 14 years ago
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success w/ iodine for hyperthyroidism

Hi guys, I have been a lurker gathering info on Iodine for hyperthyroidism for a while now. I just got back results this morning proving hyper can be treated this way. I've been my own test subject for almost 5 months now, with blood work to confirm.

I first did tapazole 10 mg tid (high dose)to bring my thyroid under control. This did work well and I felt great. Certainly better than untreated!

Then I stopped the tapazole for a few days and the hyperthyroid returned.

Repeated a course with tap. 30 mg plus Lugols for moderate control, felt just ok.

Then dropped lugols, added Iodoral 50 mg, reduced the tapazole to 20 mg and added fir sauna 10 minutes daily and had the worst hyper spike ever despite feeling well.

last try which was just 1.5 week ago- I used only Iodoral 100 mg plus alternate day fir sauna (at 25 minutes) and my labs this am are almost exactly at the tapazole only baseline- WELL CONTROLLED.

I do have confirmed heavy metal toxicity with lead, aluminum and cadmium being the most worrisome. I had bad mercury exposure as a kid even though that didnt show up in tests. I also have some type of parasitic infx/ past h. pylori though most tests are neg. My hypothesis is my thyroid is being blocked by toxicity and my previous avoidance of all iodine/ salt (standard protocol for hyperthyroids).

Right now my energy is good and consistent but i feel kinda yuck. I believe it might be bromide coming out as well mineral depletion. Just FYI I'm reading "Detoxify or Die" which discusses fir sauna protocol. I just started yesterday on the recommended supplements per Dr Rogers.

I consider myself stabilized for now as far as my thryoid and I credit the Iodine for this. As an aside my stress level has been extremely high as I 've done hospice nursing all summer for a family member who just passed a few days ago. I've had my entire family as caseload to be honest- alot of emotional stress. But I've been able to cope and thrive and have energy due to caring for thyroid and also adrenals ( with Isocort). This is a dramatic change for me, first time in years I've felt so well and really want to credit the forum and nature for helping me.

I hope this is useful to someone! I can post labs if anyone requests and is willing to help figure out how.
God Bless

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