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Re: The differences between weight loss and water
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The differences between weight loss and water

You are welcome Megan. I don't go to fasting for weight loss. I can read between the lines. Fasting for weight loss was created for people who disagreed with a forum moderator called Mike a few years ago. Mike seemed to give out safe sound advice, but some people were always having rows there, and breaking safe fasting guidelines. One of them asked Webmaster for a weight loss forum and they got it.

I am not saying everyone there is like that, but all you have to do is click on previous posts or google the username and sometimes you see a more frightening picture.

Regarding EDs being a disease, well, I think there but for the grace of god go I, I think it's more to do things that have happened in those peoples lives, and they try and cope by "taking control" of their weight. We have one person here who has pulled through it, Maverick494, and she gives great advice and I have every respect for her. But I have noticed that there are two types, the ones that listen and the ones that are hell bent on going that way. The latter can become quite abusive if you happen to brush with them or disagree. I don't think that type can be helped. They remind me of those full blown vampyres in horror films, whereas the others are like the ones wearing whhite lace that have a few nibbles on the neck. No offence to anyone, but that's how I picture them!

I have often thought that a forum where people get support from others who don't know their background is kinda worse than the pro-ana sites like livejournal. At least there they admit they are anorexic or whatever, but any of them can come here and get loads of "go on, you can do it!" cheers from people who are genuinely well meaning. That's exactly how i was when I lost my weight a year ago. Then I wondered how these people couldn't lose weight like me, and I looked up a few people and found they had posted on other sites, saying they want to be anorexic etc. I never confronted anyone with what I knew though.

Best place for them to go is some of the places that genuinely help, like something fishy. Even then the death rate is high, you only have to look at their memorial page. Lat time I looked there were about 600 names on it, and the ones that survive are often permanently damaged for life, often with no teeth and badly damaged digestive systems and internal organs. Depressing.

Anyway it's good to know that someone else has picked this up, I don't feel as if I am going crazy any more. So thank you for sharing. I enjoyed that vent!

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