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Published: 16 years ago
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I've been sick with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and candida for 23 years. I've had days where I'm so exhausted but I have no choice I have to function. I notice when a healthy person is tired they don't handle it well but with me I can tolerate it much better. I guess I'm use to feeling like crap and pushing through it. I too have thought about suicide but I wouldn't want to cause grief to my family. I think often how I can't continue.....but then I get proactive to try and find a cure. People will give you so much advice of what treatments to do and what supplements to take that it can get confusing but you do have to be proactive and think and do what makes sense to you. I first got sick at 15 and now I'm 38 1/2. I get very depressed on how my youth was robbed from me. Because of this illness I'm not working so my social circle has been cut off and it's hard to meet people. So I'm pushing 40 with no kids and my clock is running out. Now that is depressing. This illness has robbed me of my finances too. I don't own anything and I'm in debt from trying to cure myself. But this is what life has thrown at me and I have to deal with it. So after hearing about all I've been through try to be more positive because you are at the start of this thing and there is so much info. and products out there now to help you than when I started. There are some good naturopaths that know more of your problems than before and can help you. It's hard for me to hear other people who are depressed that they have lost 1 or 3 years of their makes me more depressed that I have lost 23! I guess I'm trying to say you have so much to live for as there is so much more info. on this now and you will be helped much faster than I.
Without the internet I wouldn't have known the works of:

Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield
Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy, The Great Thyroid Scandal and How To Survive It)

Dr. William Jefferies (Safe Uses of Cortisol)

James L. Wilson-
(Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome)

Dr. John Lowe-
( Your Guide to Metabolic Health)

Dr. Broda Barnes-
(The Unsuspected Illness)

Dr. Jacob Teitalbaum-
(From Fatigued to Fantastic)

Dr. Lam

Dr. Rind
Take you're body temp. It will tell you if you are hypothyroid and if your temps. fluctuate you can see if you may have adrenal problems. Check these 3 links for good info.

All these doctors know about adrenals issues. They often go hand in hand with thyroid.

Also check out thyroid patient advocate Mary J. Shoman from

and the works of Dr. David Derry.

All these doctors are the best in their field in my opinion and know about thyroid and adrenal issues at depth and are aware of the flawed TSH test and how to PROPERLY treat the adrenals.

There is also lots of info. at
Also go to this link that's not on the home page because the boards have shut down but you can still search through some excellent information

For support go to Cure Zone or
and talk to Val. She's VERY GOOD at helping and coaching people.

See this PDF on Adrenal FAQ's

As I stated to you in another post get your adrenals and thyroid checked through saliva testing at if you aren't going to see a naturopathic or holistic MD. Also do the spit test and see if you have candida. Rule out other bacterias, viruses, heavy metals etc.

ALL these conditions can cause Depression so it's important you get treated properly and your depression/suicidal thoughts will stop.



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