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Re: Getting well
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Getting well

So glad to hear that this person has felt some kind of relief from the symptoms of their "disorder"... but AARRGGHH!! While reading this is also apparent that this person has asked for INPUT from the curezone MCS community about cat litter. If this person is "well" or even "much better" why seek input from the community they have "shunned" or "disengaged themselves" from? Also, it seems that the person has confused CHEMOPHOBIA for MCS, because MCS is not an "anxiety" attack and neither is it a psychological reaction to a "perceived" danger, and it is not the ungrounded/unfounded "FEAR of chemicals". The medical, and scientific fields have confirmed time and again that toxic chemicals and their fumes and food additives and pharmaceuticals cause physical bodily injuries and even death. It does not matter if you are "prayed up", it doesn't matter if you are the healthiest person on the planet. It is PHYSICS - the human body was not created to withstand these synthetic toxic substances without being harmed or killed. Burned airways, heavy metal poisoning, toxic overload, toxic-induced loss of tolerance, chemical injuries, cancers, aplastic anemia, etc. will not be "cured" by psychological or "energy" therapies such as NMT, NAET, NF... Insights into coping mechanisms while enduring the injuries might be gained, but the FALSE "HOPE" that is offered by this post is in, of all things, the psychological field! How demeaning to the MCS Community that has worked so hard to get out from under the "psychobabble" that MCS is a psychological disorder all these years - just like the people with MS had to work so hard for so many years before it became acknowledged that MS is not a psychological disorder! It appears that this person has believed the LIE - that human beings (or ANY LIFE for that matter) can continue to expose themselves to toxic chemicals, food additives , heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals without being adversely affected with injury, illness, or death. What kind of AGENDA is being promoted? The kind that would tell a person who is allergic to peanuts to go ahead and eat peanuts because the peanuts won't hurt them - that anaphylactic shock is all in their mind? The kind of agenda that says to people who have chemical sensitivities to go ahead and expose themselves to these toxins because they won't hurt them - that the adverse effects are all in their mind? Psychological therapy does not change or fix GENETICS - even the scientific community says that about 10% of Caucasians cannot metabolize xenobiotics, pharmaceuticals, etc. The HOPE is that through EDUCATION humanity will stop creating and using these synthetic toxic substances. Until such time, avoidance (as much as possible) of the toxic substances, detox and cleansing, rebuilding and supporting our immune systems, fresh air (as much as possible), eating the least toxic foods, and knowledge are important in getting through it all.

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