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HEALTH ISSUES~ CONSTIPATION~ Can iodine therapy help?

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Constipation~ the thyroid connection   by wombat   16 year


The Thyroid Connection

"Perhaps the next greatest cause of constipation, especially in women, is a sluggish thyroid. Because this condition is so common, is not detected accurately by thyroid blood tests, is aggravated by many prescription drugs, and usually goes untreated for years, it is serious indeed.

Most women who suffer from constipation related to sluggish thyroid have other problems as well. They include but are not limited to: being constantly cold, fatigued, overweight, and mentally sluggish, as well as having dry skin and hair, chronic headaches, frequent urination, and a lack of initiative in life.

You can best judge if you suffer from sluggish thyroid by taking your Barnes underarm temperatures. For at least five mornings, simply place the thermometer under your arm for ten minutes immediately upon arising. If your temperature averages below 97.4, you probably suffer from a sluggish thyroid. If your temperatures are below 97.0, even if your thyroid blood tests are normal, you almost assuredly suffer from sluggish thyroid.

The best way to treat this condition is to flush the toxic halogen molecules (which include fluorine, bromine, and chlorine) from your system, while fulfilling your Iodine needs. Toxic amounts of halogen compounds like bromine, which are found in processed foods, can displace healthy Iodine levels in your body. The areas where Iodine is needed, such as your thyroid, then suffer.

To eliminate the bromine (and other toxic halogens), you need to utilize iodine fulfillment therapy. This therapy supplies the body’s need for iodine until the body begins to finally release and excrete the toxic molecules and incorporate the iodine. This change in halogens (out with the toxic and in with the iodine) can easily be measured with urine tests.

You also don’t have to be bothered taking these measurements. Simply perform the iodine fulfillment procedure, and the thyroid problem will usually resolve without drugs. And if a sluggish thyroid causes your constipation, this problem will also be resolved naturally."

"We have had patients note better bowel function. Patients who have been constipated for over ten years have now noted daily bowel movements."

"The most consistent responses have been improved memory, absence of ‘brain fog,’ regular bowel movements in those who were constipated, and improved skin texture.”

"Whole body sufficiency for iodine correlated well with overall wellbeing, and some subjects could tell when they achieved sufficiency even before knowing the results of the test. Iodine sufficiency was associated with a sense of overall wellbeing, lifting of a brain fog, feeling warmer in cold environments, increased energy, needing less sleep, achieving more in less time, experiencing regular bowel movements and improved skin complexion."

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