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DISEASE STATES~ EMPHYSEMA~ Can iodine therapy help?

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80-year-old Dad's EMPHYSEMA progress by High on Water(testimonial)   by wombat   16 year


Dad smoked Pall-Mall cigarettes (with no filter tip) most of his adult life.

He went on the detoxified iodine in February of this year.

He only takes 1 or 2 drops per day, as the shortness of breath from detox and ridding of phlegm scares him, but he knows he's making progress. (He separates his drops by taking one on skin, and one internally - am and pm - five days ON/five days OFF. He takes in 1/4 tsp of his salt of choice for every quart of water he drinks, which is pure bottled water daily.

He oil pulls every single morning with sunflower oil, due to someone he never met: Trapper.

He IS still on five medications, and will now start working to get off of them.

(We went over them, and one of them has bromine in it and one has fluoride in it!)

The thing is, his doctor AND pharmacist are amazed at the very low amounts he needs - of everything!

*His prescription of PREDNISONE is what gets them the most! Prednisone is a steroid, and once the body is on them continually it learns to depend on them, and the dosage of it almost always has to be increased. It's just a "given"! Dad is still only needing one very tiny little pill daily - just 10mg. And, he doesn't need it every day! He calls the Prednisone his "crutch".

*His need for his prescription of THEOPHYLLINE, which is a bronchial dilator in pill form, has decreased from 200mg to 150mg.

*His long-lasting/rescue inhaler of COMBIVENT, (which is the one with bromides in it) is prescribed at "2 puffs, 4 times daily". He has worked down to 6 puffs daily.

*His prescription of ALPRAZOLAM (a tranquilizer) is supposed to help him sleep (which it does) and was prescribed because all the other drugs help keep one FROM precious sleep. It's in pill form, and he still only needs 0.5mg a day, which also amazes the doc and pharmacist as they generally see a need for this increase over time!

*His prescription of AZMACORT (another inhaler) is what Dad has decided on working on getting OFF of first. Dad feels he can only handle getting off of ONE drug at a time. This is the one with fluoride in it. I know my Dad. When he's successful getting off of ONE, it will make him stronger and increase his desire to push on. He's also a bit "needy", and has admitted to being a bit scared to go off of his drugs. When we discussed the bromine and fluoride issues, however, he knew it was either the Azmacort or the Combivent. This was the logical choice, to his way of thinking! I believe the prescription for this one was six puffs a day, and he had already worked down to five. He has decided to see how four puffs a day goes, and hold it to a week, then decide again from there!

PROUD of him!

And his voice! Sure, he still has his "grainy" voice if we talk on the phone TOO long! But when we BEGIN any phonecall now, it's CLEAR and STRONG again!

It's so cool!

He does still feel like he may get to go Home soon, and join Mom (who has been with the Lord now for almost 10 years). But since he doesn't know when that will be, he desires to improve his situation. Like I said, it's so cool!

Oh geez, I almost forgot (am editing this to add this in the end) -
Dad always takes the elevator to go UP to his apartment, but here recently was actually able to go up two flights of stairs!!! He did get shortness of breath, but was able to get it under control on his own after just resting a little bit with NO INHALER! 8-D
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