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DISEASE STATES~ LATENT VIRUSES~ Can iodine therapy help?

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iodine & latent viruses by Hopinso   by wombat   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)


Theory that Iodine cleanses the body of latent viruses

I have a theory about this. I am not sure I can even explain it in the proper way, but I'll try. When I first started on Lugol's I came down with Shingles, a condition caused by a long latent herpes virus that causes chicken pox. I have also had several sinus/cold flare ups in the last few months. I am wondering if Iodine might act in a way that actually drives latent, inactive viruses out of our bodies. Most modern allopathic medications tend to mask symptoms and force the causative agents to remain in the body inactive and impotent until stress or another factor reactivates them. This cycle continues throughout one's life, and sometimes it becomes resistant to the drug that once controlled them.

I believe that part of detox is driving these viruses and bacteria that remain latent after the initial infection out of the body. Sometimes the stress of detox will reactivate these "bugs" and if our immune system is compromised with the detox, existing health problems and poor diet then we must go through all the symptoms of the condition the exiting critters cause. Many people report joint pains, aching bones, flu like symptoms and other problems as they cleanse and detox. If my theory is correct this comes from the body purging itself of these things. Once we are cleansed and all these dormant viruses, bacteria, scar tissue and built up inorganic minerals are removed from our body, only then can we truly experience healing and a return of natural health.

Our bodies are created to be self cleansing and self healing. However, we overwhelm our system with toxins from foods, the environment, medications and our own natural metabolic waste. We turn our perfect bodies into toxic waste dumps with all kinds of waste accumulating in body fat, joints, sinus cavities, and even the walls of our blood vessels and digestive system. We fill ourselves with toxic filth much faster than our bodies can process and eliminate the poisons. When we do wake up and begin to cleanse, the accumulated poisons, bacteria and latent viruses will make one last stand to make us sick and suffering before they are eliminated, hopefully forever.

If the Iodine is helping to drive out a variety of toxic waste including biological pests as well as metals and toxic chemicals, then, we must expect and accept the unpleasant symptoms of these agents leaving the body. The best you can do is to try and discover the level of detoxification that is bearable to you.
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