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DISEASE STATES~ PMS~ can iodine therapy help?

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Lewis Ford, Iodine & PMS   by wombat   16 year


More info in this PDF, pages 15-25 cover iodine:

"With enough Iodide, menstruation does not have to
be the emotional crisis, and/or ordeal, it has become in our
society. Japanese women, for example, eat about 100
times as much Iodide as American women, and most of
them never experience PMS during their entire lives. They
also suffer much less frequently from the extended and
overly bloody periods that motivate over 600,000
American women per year to take their doctorsí advice,
and have a hysterectomy. In fact, hysterectomies are very
infrequently performed on Japanese women. I believe this
is because they almost universally get enough dietary
Iodide to help normalize the length, and reduce the depth,
of their menstruations. If you are not suffering from
excessive menstrual bleeding, that removes most of the
motivation to have a hysterectomy. Only about 5% of the
American women who have hysterectomies actually have
cancers anywhere in their reproductive systems."

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