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TOXICITY~ WHY am I toxic?

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Why I am toxic... by snakeeater   by wombat   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)


When I was a kid we used to ride our bikes everywhere including traffic where we breathed in leaded gasoline fumes, everyday. It's just organic lead.

Every other summer night we rode those same bikes behind the city's truck that fogged mosquitoes; we just followed it around, because nobody said it was bad. It's just DDT.

My grandfather had an iceplant that used ammonia. I used to work weekends in the icehouse beginning at 8 or 9 yr old. OHSA didn't come measure the PEL and tell me it's OK. It's just ammonia.

I painted chain link fences all summer using AL paint, me & my buddy made $1.50/hr and the city workers gave us leaded gas to clean-up with every night. No problem, just don't smoke.

My Grandmother, bless her soul dragged me to the dentist to have Silver Mercury fillings packed into my teeth. It's good for you, don't worry.

I played football in High School and College, get bumped or bruised - let's spray some freon on that to cool it off. Twisted your knee - let me shoot that up with cortisone and a little novocaine. Sure son, you can play next week, no problem.

I went in the Marine Corp OCS, received a whole series of shots. What are they for? Don't worry, Uncle Sam says you need them. But what are they? Shut up, boot, the Marine Corp knows what's best for you,

I went to all kinds of training and off to Cambodia for 2 tours; more shots both times. Lived off the land for 20 of 24, ate things you wouldn't even feed your worst enemy. It was protein and it kept us alive. The stuff sprayed to kill weeds and trees, what was it called? Oh yea AGENT ORANGE. Didn't it get sprayed in our area of operation? Yeah, but that was a few years ago. Don't worry LT, it can't hurt you and your men now. After getting our skin burned a few times after crawling around we learned about chemical half life the hard way.

After each tour we were dewormed, spent 5-7 days swallowing pills and having our poop analyzed. You're clean now, Marine. How do you know ? Don't worry, the doc says you're ok.

Went to work in the Chemical Processing business, was in charge of worker safety. Learned everything I could about the stuff we where working with, transferred that knowledge to the guys working in the plant. I wanted everybody to go home everyday in the same shape they came in. I believed all the stuff I read from the Govt and Industry sources, but they lied. A few of those guys died because of the dioxins they absorbed.

Not to mentioned I grew up drinking chlorinated water,for the first 50 years of my life, did my own swimming pool maintanence, using good old chlorine.

Did I mention Fluoride Toothpaste and Fluoridated Vitamins for the kids? They're approved by the Govt right? Tthey must be OK.

I'm NOT TOXIC I'm a WALKING SUPERFUND site!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why I am Soulfulsurvivor   by wombat   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)


I don't "believe" that I'm toxic, I know that I am. I live less than 6 miles from a nuclear power plant, I work in a ceramic studio, I produce and instruct in my own ceramic/fine arts studio. I am exposed to cadmium, cobalt, manganese, lithium, barium, tons of iron, titanium dioxide, copper carbonate, and a host of other elements and compounds that are used in painting and ceramic arts.

Given the trends in agriculture and landscaping, the chemicals that are being used to produce genetically manufactured organisms (GMO's) for our food supplies and the ones used to produce and farm the newest agricultural craze, SOD, the groundwater that is funneled into our drinking supplies (filtered, or NOT) contain some of the most toxic compounds known to man - in our County, it is illegal to transport lawn clippings from one County to the next for disposal due to the HazMat guidelines for proper disposal. (edited) I live in an "agricultural" area that farms sod for landscaping the new McMansions that are being built using composite building products. I've observed the 5000 gallon containers of liquid fertilizer that is used to "water" some of these sod fields and other nursery plants. The components used in most synthetic fertilizers (even some of the organic-based solutions) cannot be diffused or diluted - the compounds and elements do not just disappear. They are routinely found in well-water and livestock drinking supplies, as well as water supplies that are used for vegetable and fruit irrigation.

The reality of just how toxic our culture is cannot be disputed - there are thousands of reports that describe, in droning detail, what we are ingesting, breathing, and exposing our skin (our largest organ, by the way) to on a daily basis. I don't believe that "detoxers" are on some sort of bandwagon, whatsoever. They have recognized the perils of our current exposures and have made the choice to take action to preserve their own health. Using the word, "cult," as a definition for people who are interested in preserving what health that they have makes no sense to me. A "cult" does not have the best interests of groups of people in mind. Then, again, some individuals have chosen to take their detoxification to a dangerous level - for that, there is a better term: addiction.

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