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DETOX~ Can you give me a list of symptoms for physical/emotional detox?

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PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL DETOX by Hopinso   by wombat   16 year


Symptoms of physical detox: Most common in the early days is a frontal lobe headache. Other reported symptoms include: mild to moderate joint pain, sore throat, and mild flu-like symptoms, nausea when taken on empty stomach, increased mucus discharge, brown urine, pimples, changes in bowel habits, tender breasts, changes in menstrual periods. Not everyone experiences these symptoms. Some report no problems, others report that symptoms are short lived.

Symptoms of Emotional Detox: Mild to moderate Depression is common in any cleansing or detoxification modality. Old emotions are often brought to the surface. Rather than being alarmed at this, a period of emotional detoxification can be viewed as a chance to deal with these long hidden emotions. Along with depression, tears seem to flow more easily, sometimes for no known reason. Occasionally there are reports of being more short tempered or impatient these episodes can be compared to PMS.

The symptoms of both physical and emotional detox can be reduced by lowering the dose or skipping a few days of supplementation. There is generally no cause for concern unless feelings of suicide or uncontrollable rage become evident during emotional release. Stop using Iodine at once if these symptoms appear and see an alternative health professional if necessary. Few allopathic doctors are trained to deal with detox reactions.
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