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DOSAGE~ Shall I take breaks in my regimen? Shall I take iodine with food?

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Taking breaks by Pattiecake, etc....   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


Thread that contains information on taking breaks and pulsing the dose.

Taking Breaks by Patticake:
"I posted over the weekend about being bloated big time and gaining weight.

Several people responded that it could be an accumulation of toxins and I might need to do an extra salt push.

I decided to take the advice but I also decided to take a mini break from the Lugols.

I did not take it yesterday and man o man did I pee out a ton of water weight!

I feel so much better!

I was definitely retaining fluids (toxins?).

So my point is... maybe take a few days off every month or whatever to allow the body to release the toxins instead of continuing to store them.

The break definitely did me some good. I will give it another day or so and then start up again."

Pulsing the Dose by CitingSources:
"I've found pulsing Iodine dosing (several days on, a couple off) really helps the detox organs rest and work more efficiently.

Those of us with a lot of bromide can overwhelm our kidneys and tissues while they are trying to detox."


This thread contains varying opinions on whether to take Iodine with food
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