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DETOX~ ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ How can I cleanse my lymph?

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Using a 22"-32" ball (Or nothing, if that's all you have) for Lymph bouncing   by ladylove   16 year



..."I sit here on the couch while working on the computer and bounce :), no kidding.. (I have this great couch.)I've used a ball in the past also.
In a pinch, the edge of the bed works as well.

In Dr. Wests's Lymphology book (Title= The Golden Seven Plus One), he says that if someone is injured or disabled and unable to use a mini-tramp while standing, they should sit on it instead and use their hands/arms to bounce, or get someone else to bounce them while sitting, if they cannot do it themselves.

So why not on a ball? You'll still be on a resilient surface, not like jumping up and down on an unresilient floor..

Here's another thing you can do:
sit facing forward on a couch or chair.

Imagine or visualize as if you had a small child on your knees (Using *Both* knees), and imagine you are bouncing this child up and down rhythmically *without* striking your heels on the floor (Just the way you might do a 1-yr-old). The balls of your feet should not leave the floor, and the "bounce action" comes from your arches and ankles.. Your heels stay off the floor while bouncing.

Get your knee-bounce going, and you will find that the bounce-action can become self-propagating. Speed the rhythm up to where you want it.

Then lean forward and rest your elbows on your knees while continuing to bounce from the balls of your feet.

This causes your arms to be drawn into the bounce action, also. Rest your bouncing hands lightly against each other, so that you can relax your arms and let 'em go with the rhythm. Don't worry about whether you keep the knees together or whether they start to 'walk' and alternate, just keep it going either way.
It's a blast :).

You can use that if the minitramp causes your feet/legs to cramp or hurts your toes like it did me at one point :). I don't like to wear shoes, and barefoot bouncing used to hurt my toes.

Course, that was before I got this great couch :).

I also do this knee-bounce with a tray across my knees (Elbows on the tray, a little farther apart than my knees. I let my knees 'walk' for this one), which is a little more agressive bounce that acts as a kind of lymphatic pump to my shoulders. Really helps to loosen up my mouse arm :).

Best of Luck,

Spirit of play, brainchild of the mother of invention..

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Move lymph to help detox by LNdolls & Trapper/kcmo   by wombat   16 year

Here are two posts by LNDolls:


"Walking is the best way. Trampolining is fabulous and more dangerous. Dry skin brushing is supreme, cheap, totally safe can be repeated as needed and one of the easiest.

The Chi Machines also move lymph and are worth every penny if your are not ambulatory."


"Hot towel scrub.
Hot water as hot as you can stand without scorching yourself. A clean washcloth and some essential oil. Put a couple drops essential oil in the water, dip the washcloth and wring it out and scrub your body toe to head or head to toe with the washcloth.
If you are feeling stuck, in a rut or trying to make a huge decision.. do this hot towel scrub for a week and you will be a new person.

GREAT for easing detox symptoms!"

And this post by Trapper:


With everything else you are doing, circulation of blood to the gums must be the problem. the oil pulling helps augment elimination and that is where that benefit comes from.

i would suggest cayenne and keep upping the dose as you can tolerate it. Second, get the lymph moving. cold sitz baths, hot baths or saunas, and rebounding will improve this.

Try this. You dont even need a rebounder(tiny trampoline). Stand in loose clothes(or none) and jiggle your flesh on your bones by going up and down rapidly using your feet and ankles. Do not jump or leave the ground. just go up and down enough to get the flesh jiggling. Use quick motions in rhythm with gravity to get the most travel and jerk on the flesh. Do it harder and harder until it feels like everything that isn't bone is jiggling. Keep your entire body relaxed except for the muscles you use to jiggle. Jar those muscles by whipping them up and down. Make that skin fly around. Feel it jiggle everywhere. Five minutes a day of this will change your life.

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