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RESEARCH~ Can you provide me with some general research links?

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Grizz's Research   by grizz   11 year

Index to Iodine Files

This File Location =

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* Books on Iodine

* Cancers - Iodine Kills Cancers
Procedures, Dr. Reports & Testimonials

* Co-Supplements Research
Which supplements are best ?

* Deficiency Symptoms

* Detox Symptoms

*Introduction To Iodine

* Iodine Instructions

* Iodine Protocol Handout
The Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol on 1 page

* References Overview
Annotated Index to files

* PH Recommendations for Iodine
Why Dr. Brownstien wants optimal pH

* Problems or suggestions?
Leave a message for Grizz at the Curezone

* Prostate
Iodine Cures Prostate Problems, Dr. Reports & Testimonials

* Recommended Reading Research Reports
Contains all of our Doctor Research Reports that verify iodine is a miracle.

* Testimonials Prove Iodine is a Miracle Medicine
Over 60 serious health problem testimonials organized by subject

* Vitamin D3 is vital for Optimal Health
Prevent colds, flu, chronic disease

* Wheat Health Problems
Wheat interferes with iodine

Iodine References

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Research links by pb3016   by wombat   16 year
Complete Iodine protocol
Salt loading protocol
Salt loading protocol

Iodine Loading Test

Audio presentations
Audio presentations
Audio presentations

Symptoms of hypo- and hyperthyroidism

Nutrients for hypo- and hyperthyroidism

Trapper's recipe for homemade Lugols
Walter Last links
on Iodine and candida

The Cancer Cure Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and
providing information about alternative cancer treatments and therapies since 1976.

This website is based upon the Blood Type Diet (BTD) system outlined in the writings of Dr.
Peter D'Adamo, New York Times best-selling author of Eat Right 4 Your Type.

This Dr. Hulda Clark website, which is run by Dr. Clark advocates,
describes itself as being "THE Informational Web Site" about Dr. Clark's program.

The Life Extension Foundation site contains many documented articles and research
materials. Also, there is a large Therapies section.

Dr. Ralph Moss on Cancer--Expert Guidance for Crucial Decision. It contains Archives of The Cancer Chronicles newsletter.

The Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients publishes a print alternative medicine

The history of iodine from Wellness Directory of Minnesota

Study that shows bromide excretion is multiplied when using salt protocol

iodine Yahoo forums


andib's blog on fluoride

Mercury poisoning symptoms
Townsend Letter fluorine/fluoride detox
Article on detox
food as medicine from Breast Cancer Choices


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All wombat's Answers
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