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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE~ What can I do, along with iodine supplementation, to achieve and maintain my health?

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Healthy lifestyle by mollybloom   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


I am a totally different person. I started out this journey a couple of years ago in intense pain. I thought I was dying quickly, and I think I was right. I ate the basic american diet of high fat, junk food, processed foods, sugars, etc. The only time I paid attention was to "diet" and then I went for something like a no-carb diet. I had no idea what the hell I was doing to my body. And to counter all my bad health, I drank too much alcohol and took tons of over the counter and prescription pain meds. I really don't think it was much different than a huge amount of people in this country.

I cleansed, and I still do. I have cleansed my liver, my colon, my kidneys and have taken the course of Humaworms parasite cleanse. I did the basic liver cleanse, love and still use Oxypowder occassionally. I use vitalzyme (enzymes) for my digestive health which was the big organ failing on me. I drank parsley tea and ate tons of Watermelon for my kidneys.

Once I got the cleansing down, I now concentrate on mineral difficiencies which I think I had drastically. On a daily basis Vit C (Emer-C drink) at least 3,000 mg, Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium (both supplementing and bathing in Epsom Salts twice a week) Niacin, Selenium.

I take 1000 mg of bee pollen and royal jelly every day.

I Oil Pull everyday, sometimes twice. I also eat a tablespoon of oil everyday. Something that has as many beneficial essential fatty acids as I can get.

I take 50 mg of Iodine (Iodoral tabs) on and off. I take it until I'm too tired to perform my job, and then back off for a week or so. When I start up again, I feel really good and have a good go at it for at least 3 wks to a month before I start getting that overwhelming tiredness again.

We are not vegetarians in this house. But we no longer eat dairy, white flour, Sugar or processed food. I only buy organic (as often as possible) and I never buy meat unless it is organic and grass fed, etc.

We gave up coffee. It was causing us so many problems like acid reflux. My husband's bad breath of years went away within a couple of weeks after stopping it. I don't have acid reflux it from the coffee? Perhaps, and all the cleansing too I think.

I'm not perfect (and my family still fights me as it is not their was mine). We do the best we can, which is miles away from where we were a year ago.

I actually think I'm going to live for a while longer now. This was not so slightly over a year ago.

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Feeling better yet ? - the Redux by Vulcanel   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


Keep in mind that the body is the ultimate detoxification machine. No supplements or other substances are responsible for health, but it is the inherent structure of the body which is responsible for ALL health.

You know it is toxins that inhibit the body from doing its jobs.

For a poisoned body, only two things are ever necessary for health:

1) eliminate intake of further sources of toxins; and

2) provide the body with the catalysts it was designed to operate with.

End of story.

Yes, there are ways of acceleration of return of health, as in cases of mercury-leaking dental "silver" Amalgams (they ALL piss mercury into the olfactory bulb, ocular fluid, pineal and neural tissue. But , the body will return to health eventually if the above two are followed.

Proper Iodine levels and IP6 are in category 2 above. But so is chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and many others. Don't forget about the essential fatty acids. Don't forget about chlorophyll, which is in all green plants. Get chlorophyll. Don't forget about the collagen building blocks lysine and ascorbic acid. That is what will keep you from wrinkling. Everywhere I go I get carded buying a beer. I'm not young, it's just that the expectations of the store clerks are calibrated to a toxin-laden population. Nearly everyone can regain lost health and stay young for a very long time.

There is no answer in seeking exotic trace elements as a panacea of a cure for any condition. It is not necessary. All that is necessary is 1) and 2) above.

#1) above is beyond most people's ability to i) comprehend in the first place; and ii) practice themselves, let alone influence or convince others in their immediate clan to implement.

A main focus of this board ought now concern itself with the psychological aspect of convincing others of : a) the way things are politically in the food industry; and b) how to overcome the inherent belief systems of those whose minds blindly trust sources they read, without examining other MD-authored materials. I ran into the typical mindset today once again as I observed one of my sisters explaining to a long term friend of one of my brothers how bromides had been slipped into the food chain. The dude was a union pipefitter, with four beers in his belly, and he gave the typical "I don't believe such a Conspiracy .... etc." I'm not a Conspiracy guy, but view it rather as a progression of events forced from strictly a profit-generating industry, over time, marrying itself with other profit-generating industries towards the common goal of making more money. Explaining that is a ticket to understanding, while proposing conspiracies leads to apprehension on the part of the uninformed. Yes, some may say there IS a conspiracy, and I may agree or disagree, but this matters not, since what really matters is that the recipient of the info reacts in a certain way, and effective means for conveying the info without resorting to the Conspiracy angle is what has been most productive in my experience. Presently, the business model in place is one which preys on health to generate profit. What you/we all must do, if change is to occur, is to provide a disruptive model whereby health generates profit. Let's wish ourselves good luck on that one.

I've helped lots of folks, even cured and saved lives of victims of disease I won't write about, but I haven't received a nickel. I'm not complaining, and I never did it for monetary purposes. Problem is, where there is no profit for Joe, he isn't motivated to act on anyting, and this apathy acts in ripples. Until people are willing to open their wallets to self-professed knowers of health stuff, even though they have no MD, these alternative health topics effects will be limited in their effective scope to those so desperate or ill they are willing to try anything to get better.

That's a constraint that those who desire to propagate their knowledge face, and it seems to be an inherent limitation programmed into men's minds by our Master.

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Healthy lifestyle by infinitelove   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


Unlike many others, I had no immediate health indictments to address...other than the SHOCK I received when I went to donate blood about 1 year ago.

Upon receipt of my blood, the nurse returned to inform me that my blood could not be accepted...I had Hep B.

In 1995 I'd had a blood transfusion for menorrhagia that was linked to uterine fibroids that needed removal. The blood (I believe) was contaminated or had HBV markers. As many of you now know, uterine fibroids are linked to Iodine deficiency.

I believe uterine fibroids to be on the same page as FBD. Estrogen dominance, low progesterone, & a dysfunctional thyroid. I was/am a prime candidate for orthoiodosupplementation.

The first month of supplementation with Iodine was the toughest. Raging headaches, sleepless nights and sinus pain that wouldn't stop. HOWEVER, the therapy was quite new to all of us, and as time passed, we all acquired the info regarding vitamin C, selenomethionine, magnesium & salt loading protocols.

I incorporated Standard Process's Okra Pepsin into the therapy for 4 weeks (1 complete big bottle) and experienced tremendous hip pain as a result. After a huge colon mass was evacuated, that pain abated.


THESE have made a considerable impact on abating the SEVERITY of halogen/metal detox.

I've made a concerted effort to avoid pasteurized dairy, Sugar & processed food. I was never a big fruit/veggies bad! Now I eat the live food daily, and have been juice fasting every OTHER day for nearly 2 weeks with the addition of MH's Kidney Cleanse, LBB, Longevity Spices & Plant oils. I make it a point to GROUND for at least 1 hour per day and spend as much as 2-3 hours outside (weather permitting). This lifestyle has re-balanced me spiritually & psychically. I'm a double Earth sign, so Mother Earth is a true compatriot in healing the WHOLE MAN.

Everything in Life flows in cycles within Cycles. So it appears with the orthiodosupplementation. I'm currently doing 50mg. in 3 divided doses per diem. No high doses for may take until Autumn for my body/mind to be capable of withstanding the next level of detox. I feel as though I'm 33% done. I'm in no hurry for it is my belief that at my age (54) the body needs mercy...I've been careless in the past. I won't be Now or in the future. There's simply NO MORE WIGGLE ROOM to be care-less. There's too much quality of Life to lose! :)

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Healthy lifestyle by warthog   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


I'm doing it all wrong.

Vitamin C:
I'm all annoyed lately in my research because I read from a certain doctor that taking vitamin C, period, is not the "true" vitamin C. Any of the ascorbates, he claims, are the "dead" part, without the associated nutrients (rubin, etc.) that occur in food. I bought a bunch of calcium ascorbate...and I read people are taking sodium ascorbate...I wonder if I'm dumping a bunch of "rock" calcium into my body if I take it, but I spent a lot of money on all those bottles (in preparation for heavy metal detox and for the Iodine supplementation regardless of whether there were metals). The result is, I take these big 1000 mg pills only occasionally, as I swing between thinking "they are better than nothing" and "they are doing something counterproductive to my health improvements." I realize that's ill-informed, but there it is for now, and I'll keep researching this.

Sea Salt :
I take Sea Salt in some form every day, in addition to using it on my food. If I'm thinking about it, I'll do the urine "flush" in the morning. Otherwise, I at least add a small amount to my drinking water. At any rate, I haven't had any detox headaches this week.

I'm being stubborn on this one...I'm not sure I need extra selenium. I am hoping that I'm getting what I need from my diet, though I stopped eating Brazil nuts. Then again, I may have started running into trouble. I was taking something like 3-4 drops of Lugol's a day. I was doing a simultaneous Bowel Cleanse (see below). Everything was "moving along..." feeling very light in spirit, having LOTS of BMs...and then yesterday, it slowed down. I stopped having BMs about halfway through the day, and I haven't had one yet this morning...and I stopped feeling the action of my bowels (I like it when I hear and feel gurgling, like everything is moving). Also, I had some crazy sleep yesterday - took a long nap during the day, then found it impossible to get to sleep until after 1 am. I thought I read on this forum that insomnia might be a sign of the need for selenium. I'm wondering when I would know I need some selenium. I'm just trying not to have to buy more individual nutrient supplements. It gets expensive, for one thing, and I can't ever tell if they are necessary or not.

Bowel cleanse this week:
Okra pepsin (one capsule with breakfast & one with dinner each day)
Lower Bowel Balance as needed
Psyllium in warm water sporadically
Raw carrot (seems to help me "go" most of the time), homemade fermented sauerkraut that includes red NM chile powder, occasional pineapple, fresh coconut juice & meat...anything raw foods I can add that contribute minerals, enzymes, and good bacteria
Apple cider vinegar + honey in water, sometimes with the Lugol's added, and/or red NM chile powder, with as many meals as I can manage
Other warming spices, fresh ginger in soups & teas
Prior to these things done this week, I did a Sea Salt water flush for 5 days in a row to clear my bowels, plus a plain water enema on the last day of the flush

Lots of water & other liquids, like herbal infusions, but no rooibos or tea (read both of those have significant amounts of fluorine)
Oil pulling (sunflower oil, once in the morning, sometimes with oregano or peppermint oil added)


- I think my bowels are moving ok now :) Not sure if the insomnia is here to stay. I think I've been sleeping less & feeling better in general this week.
- I forgot to mention I avoid processed food (ESPECIALLY stripped wheat), White Sugar , and pasteurized dairy as much as possible. I'm not perfect - I eat at a restaurant occasionally & something slips through - or I add a little evaporated cane Sugar into something here & there. My body responds with queasiness and other "unhealth" signs if I have too much Sugar (and it doesn't take much), so there's a good bit I can't get away with. White flour constipates me pretty quickly and seems related to some of my face pimples. My dinner is usually very light, consisting of something sweet to start with (small piece of fruit, or just the ACV + honey), vegetables, and a little meat (Alaskan salmon, or pork, beef, or poultry allowed to eat plants & bugs outside in the sunshine).

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Healthy lifestyle by Parrotgreen   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


Apart from the Iodine and Vit C/ Brazil nuts this is what I do :
- Stricky avoid ingesting Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) and artificial sweeteners of all kinds. Use a pendulum for detection.
- Liver Flush every month
- Lay in the sun for an hour every two days (in the morning) when in season. If the weather is too cold, I do it the Russian way (against a wall in a sheltered corner with a maximum of the body bare and the rest heavily covered) for a shorter time.
- Drink a lot of highly mineralized water (which is slightly salty). This is a crave I have since taking iodine. Before it was just unsalted water.
- Have a very short steam bath every two days
- Yoga three times a week
- a bath in Epsom Salts every week or so
- Never eat out, cook at home only from fresh produce
- Drink half a glass of home-made kefir everyday (made with goat's milk half of the year when it is available).
- Once a year, go 40 days strictly without alcohol and coffee.
- Walk around a lot (no car)
- Because I live in town and have to use public transport a lot (no car), wear gloves when doing so.
- Zap when feeling attacked by a bug + longer steam bath with herbs in boiling water to inhale at the same time
- Neti (sinus irrigation) with a drop of detoxified Iodine now and then
- Sleep on a hard cotton mattress with 100% cotton sheets in an unheated room, with window open. If cold, a nice feather quilt, a husband or borrow my neighbour's dog when alone! I find that if I don't do this, I wake up grumpy and slow and late. Otherwise, I LOVE waking up early at 4 am and listen to music/read/have time for myself.
- Swim (or soak) for twenty minutes minimum in the sea as often as possible. In my country they say you need to do this 100 times a year.
- Had all Amalgams removed three years ago.
- Only wear cotton, wool, silk. Make my own clothes now!
- Henna my hair with real henna from Iran. I have done this for thirty years and found that if I do not do it, something very subtle goes wrong. I have since learnt that henna is a powerful anti-oxidant you are fiorbidden to use while on cancer therapy.
- Use a minimum of chemicals in my house. Along the years a lot has been replaced with old methods like vinegar, same olive oil for food as for waxing wood etc. Very smooth granite floor washed in water only. Cotton curtains, no plastic in sight if I can avoid it. Which means still a lot of plastic, but only where necessary.
- Try to avoid stress, mainly by doing things in my own time every time it is possible.
- Avoid being depressed by watching the news on TV. Read the paper on the internet instead.
- Try to feel my love when talking to someone else.

There IS still quite a lot of free time in my day since all of that is now automatic. :)

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Healthy lifesyle by Snakeeater   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


I agree with Glaxony on the drinking pure water and best food choices are a must. The most important thing IMO is moving around,by getting out and walking in the sun, rain, snow whatever. Dance, throw a ball, garden, just get out and move, don't care what your neighbors, relatives, family thinks they are you. If you drag them along.
Your putting all this good stuff in your body, now make it work, don't sit around waiting for something to happen. If you sit around you'll detox hard and long, get out an move it won't be half as bad.

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Healthy lifestyle by Glaxony   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


I drink lots of water and make the best food choices available, which means I eat mostly raw fruit and vegetables in the summer, lots of cooked vegetables in the winter, a little meat once in a while, minimal wheat, dairy and processed sugar. I include foods that are high in anti-oxidants, fiber, probiotics, omega 3's and enzymes, and/or I supplement. I cleansed my kidneys, flushed my gall bladder, wash my colon and take herbs to support my liver. I do yoga, dance, sing and meditate.

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A principle of health by Trapper/kcmo   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)


People come to CureZone looking for relief. Some of the stories are so sad to listen to. They have generally reached the end of their rope, allopaths have done all manner of poisoning and butchery and brainwashing on them. They are constantly miserable and have difficulty functioning in the ways they want to or used to or need to. And they carry all this illness and other baggage here to look for something to add to this burden - to find that missing thing in their health picture.

Well, I have news for you all. You don't need more, you need less. Much less. So much less that you would be shocked, repulsed, almost devastated by the enormity of it all.

The body can be looked at exactly like the earth. It ebbs and flows, has seasons, circulates air throughout, moves water through everything, goes through droughts, suffers trauma of earthquakes and volcanos and near earth impacts, gets all (not exactly true, but another subject entirely) its energy from the sun, floods, fires, stagnation, etc. The body is the same way. All it needs is water and sunshine.

There is only one thing that brings health - the free flow of your clean blood. This should be your goal if you wish to truly be free of illness. It is very hard. The skin and lungs are gateways to the blood. The air is pitiful, but indoors is still a thousand times worse than outside. All of the cleaners and detergents and sanitizers and deodorizers, both personal and household - throw that crap out.

Don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat. It is literally the same thing.

All the food you eat - it can't all get out. Elimination is the key to clean blood. the more crap that is dumped into the body and makes its way into the bloodstream and deposited in tissues and organs, the more the environment of the body is changed. an old growth forest will eventually be struck by lightning and all the stored dead wood in forest allows a fire to rage and a cleansing commences. The fire is like a pathogen - without the fuel piled up everywhere, it would not burn wild and free but would quickly spike and burn out of fuel.

By the time people get here, they are spending their time putting out fires all over the body, chasing symptoms with medications or foods or herbs or supplements. This will never end UNLESS the true cure is taken. Fasting until all of the dead rotting food and environmental toxins are out is the only cure. The body stores toxins in fat. That means that until you are skinny, you are carrying around god knows what. It will eventually have to be dealt with. Either you will get rid of it, or something else will come along, like mosquitos to a stagnant pool, and nature will obey, whether we will or not.

So you can see, I haven't even gotten to diet and there is more than enough to make us sick many times over. The most perfect food is fruit from trees. This food will do the least amount of damage to the body. This is why the orange juice fast is the best way to perfect health - as perfect as your body is capable of. Orange juice gives everything needed to cleanse and sustain the body. It has water and Sugar and minerals and lots of sunshine stored in it. Just add oxygen and you're there.

To start the cleansing process, one must make deliberate choices. It has been shown time and again here that every choice that helps cleanse the body enables a person to make the next step. Remember, there are basically two types of toxins stored in the body. One kind is water soluble. This makes the kidneys very important. These toxins are eliminated fairly quickly with good kidney function and plenty of clean water. The dead food stored in the body keeps creating more of these types of toxins, so making gains here includes simply decreasing the amount eaten. Eating raw makes it harder to create this storable undigested food. Mixing foods properly cuts down on the amount of acids produced by these morbid matters.

Along with water, clean oil is essential. This clean oil is needed in the diet, on the skin, and oil pulling really helps as well. When you have a good flow of clean oil going through the body, oil soluble toxins can be removed. This is extremely important. Our environment is full of oil soluble poisons, especially in the air because of our petroleum based transport and economy.

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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE by Water01   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)

This is a short list of how I try to eat and live my life to maintain/obtain health.

1. Eat as natural as possible. Whole foods from known and or researched sources. Buy from local farmers and co-ops. The less processing used the less chance for chemicals, toxins and lost nutrients in your food. Grow a garden if possible. Be sure your diet includes healthy fats, proteins, minerals, digestive enzymes, vitamins. Don’t get sucked into the ‘low-fat, low-carb, diet fads’. They do not give your body a healthy balance of what it needs. There is a lot of controversy about dairy, red meat, poultry, wheat, soy, ect. You will need to make those choices for yourself. Listen to your body (example: digestion, skin, energy levels, and known health issues). For me, I supplement with therapeutic-grade essential oils to increase my body frequency and keep my receptor sites clear/clean (of toxins/chemicals) to enable them to receive and use the nutrients and essential elements it needs.

2. Drink water as pure as you can obtain. Some water choices include distilled, reversed osmosis, filtration systems. There are many ways to clean your water. Do a Google search. Chlorine and fluoride are poisons. Fluoride is all but impossible to remove from water. Chlorine can be filtered out. Google search: Chlorine and fluoride dangers/hazards. Bottled water in plastic is not a good thing, avoid plastics. Store water in glass whenever possible. Things to consider with your home water source: Your skin absorbs any chemicals in the water that comes out of your faucet. If you have city water, find out how it is treated and what with.

3. Do NOT use a microwave for ANY reason. The healthiest thing you can do with your microwave is GET RID OF IT! Google: Dangers or Hazards of microwave ovens.

4. Research & ask questions before buying supplements. There is a lot of ‘creative’ marketing used in the supplement industry. Use your supplement $$’s wisely. When considering a supplement be clear WHY you feel you need to supplement (examples: to aid flushing toxins, nutritional support).

5. Become a label reader. Learn what the ingredients listed are. If you feel the label is not straight-forward or does not contain a complete listing of ingredients, contact the company and ask questions. (example: Does their bread contain bromines, are the natural flavorings listed on the label from a food source or a lab?).

6. Get outdoors. Fresh-air and SUN are health giving. Exercise. Sweat. MOVE your body whenever and however possible.

7. Get rid of all personal care products, laundry products, cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals and other un-natural ingredients. Your skin will absorb whatever you put on it.

8. Get enough sleep.

9. Be happy and think positively. Make time for activities that give you joy and pleasure. Don’t ever have a day that didn’t include something that made you smile or laugh.

10. Do something every day that gives joy to someone else. (Example: take an elderly neighbor some fresh tomatoes or peppers from your garden, or offer to pick up some groceries on your trip to the farmer’s market or co-op.)

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