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EMOTIONAL HEALTH~ Why am I feeling overly emotional while supplementing iodine?

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EMOTIONAL DETOX - It's Not All In Your Head ~ by LNdolls   by wombat   16 year 3 of 3 (100%)


I have been emotionally detoxing a lot this week. Feeling blue for an hour or more at a time, short bouts of crying (at card tricks my family calls it) and a lot of sleeping. Each time there is no real reason I can find for it to happen and such relief when it passes.

I was hunting the eye irritation of fluoride and chlorine and stumbled upon this and it sure rang my bells as the truth.

"Why do people cry? Recent evidence suggests that the tears produced by emotional crying may be a way that the body disposes of toxic substances. It may seem strange to think of crying as beneficial, yet many people say that "a good cry" makes them feel better.

The belief that crying has positive effects is of ancient origin;. More than two thousand years ago, Aristotle theorized that crying at a drama "cleanses the mind" of suppressed emotions by a process called catharsis: the reduction of distress by releasing the emotions. Many people attend movies and plays that they know beforehand are, shall we say, "elicitors of psychogenic lacrimation," or tearjerkers. Such people may cry freely in movies and may delight in the experience.

There have been a few studies on the health effects of crying. Borquist in 1906 obtained reports of the effects of crying, including the observation of 54 or 57 respondents that crying had positive results. Herbert Weiner found from reports that Asthma Attacks - long thought to be largely psychosomatic - may cease as a result of crying.

While the research on the benefits of crying is intriguing but hardly decisive, other strands of evidence are becoming available. Tears produced by emotional crying differ in chemical content from those caused by irritants such as onion juice. Emotional tears contain more protein than tears induced by irritants. William Frey contends that emotional crying is an eliminative process in which tears actually remove toxic substances form the body.

Crying may "cleanse the mind" in a much more literal sense than even the catharsis theorists imagine. Other researchers are now examining the contents of emotional tears for substances such as endorphins, ACTH, prolactin and growth hormone, all of which are released by stress. While the research on psychoactive substances in tears is just beginning, there is reason to think that emotional tears may be important in the maintenance of physical health and emotional balance.

Crying is not grief; it is a way of getting over your grief. Trembling isn't the same as fear. Rather it is part of a letting go of fear. In the same manner, embarrassed laughter, yawning, and even rap[id, excited talking are parts of the healing process that get mistaken for symptoms of the problem.

Jante Yassen, a Boston area social worker who leads groups for incest survivor, talks of the necessity of at least "1500 hours of crying" to get over the hurts of incest.

When we experience a loss or trauma, it creates energy within us that needs to be discharged. Unresolved grief festers like a deep wound when this energy is not discharged, this then builds up a state of chronic distress = Chronic Trauma Disorder {DSM, IV - proposed - PTSD}"
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Iodine & emotional health   by wombat   16 year 2 of 3 (66%)


Another dot-connecting post....I've connected some, others are 'un'-(connected) :)

Since I have been supplementing Iodine I have been through many changes, physical and emotional. My FBD is healing and I am hoping that along with that there are emotional/psychological issues being resolved as well. It was one of Turiya's posts that started this thought train:


"Thyroid resides as in the center of the 5th chakra. The 5th chakra is considered the center for creative expression. It may get stuck due to a past [childhood] trauma. Iodine may help the body release the repressed emotions that are psychologically preventing one from creatively expressing ones inner-most feelings. This release may also be accompanied by remembering [or re-experiencing] that particular event, perhaps this may be played out again in dream state."

and another of Turiya's posts today, that crystalized things for me:


"From my experience, issues relative to the paternal father are connected with the 5th chakra [thyroid]; mother issues- to the 2nd [hara]. it may be that Iodine supplementation assists the body to release emotions that have not been fully expressed, as they are tied to past experiences and remain as tensions within the body-mind mechanism. dreams, remembering, and/or re-living certain events are indicative of their release. it is a way that these pent-up emotions come to their final conclusion and closure. means, the bars to a sort of self-imposed mental prison are fading away, unloading unnecessary baggage. i would look at it as a sign of mental & physical healing."

I have had SO many repressed memories come to light since iodine supplementation and I have really been able to see the sequence of events that led me to this point. I see my formative influences, very clearly. I've been elated, I've been depressed, I've had feelings of expansion & limitless possibility, also feelings of being trapped. I've realized that what I thought I'd "gotten over", I hadn't. I'd merely packed those thoughts away, got life to live, for cry-iy, no time to muck about in sadness.

and yes, father issues, BIG time. There are things that will NEVER be resolved there, as he is long gone. Dang, I've been trying to figure it out, though. I thought that my tears for him dried up long ago, but they haven't. So Turiya's post gave me an inkling as to WHY I'm re-living, re-thinking, re-crying over issues I thought were all "resolved"(suppressed).

This is all GOOD, BTW:) *enough*

Stuff I've been able to dredge up re: thyroid...emotional health...

”Those who feel improved commonly report improvements in energy, mood, and clarity of mind."

"Iodine in some people can make them stronger, clear-minded, and more youthful.
Indeed, in some patients, years seem to roll back. The mind functions better, and the “brain fog” is often lifted."

"Iodine has a role in promoting general well being....."

"Many people feel nervous or not able to control their emotions." (grave's disease)

"The thyroid supports a wide range of functions from controlling our weight, heart rate, cholesterol level in the blood, muscle strength and skin condition to our eyesight and EMOTIONS."

"The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. It is related to our ability to speak out and voice our truth. If there is a blockage in the throat area, it may be due to holding back or not being comfortable enough in the world (third chakra influence) in order to express one’s ideas and feelings. Or one may feel powerless and feel the necessity of keeping secrets. However, when this center is open, individuals freely speak out and express their deepest ideas and feelings."

This post, by Rainbow Girl, also gave me pause:


"I have always felt uncomfortable "speaking" on a forum and the words that you two have just given me have made me feel so - oh I don't know how to explain it - --- just goood.

Thanks --

One of the other things that I have noticed is that in the last 2-3 months I can speak - I don't know if this makes sense, but a lot of times, I would just keep silent in a lot conversations, I was known as a good listener. But in reality, I just did not speak up for some reason. Now, I will pipe up in company meetings, or just with friends, and they have all commented on how much more outgoing I seem to be lately, I wonder if iodine could have something to do with that? Sounds a little bit out there to me:)"

George Eliot ~ " [I]t is very hard to say the exact truth, even about your own immediate feelings - much harder than to say something fine about them which is not the exact truth."

Buckminster Fuller ~ "There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."

Marcel Proust ~ " We are healed of a suffering only by expressing it to the full."

"The thyroid sits at the throat, the center of the fifth chakra, or seal. This is the seal that is associated with the speaking of "truth.” Is it possible that when a person does not express their emotions and speak their truth that the thyroid might be affected over time? Practitioners who observe closely find this might be the case.

A person who stifles (chokes back) the expression of their emotions gives the energy of their emotions no place to go. It is possible that unexpressed, or blocked emotional energy could have a negative impact on the proper functioning of the thyroid. Equally as debilitating is the person who over-expresses their “truth” and runs the seal without rest. In regards to expressing “truth,” in quantum physics we know the quantum world makes room for all possibilities. If we speak words that are empty, meaningless or even untrue, we are NOT projecting a description of the reality being held in the frontal lobe of the brain. Instead we are creating words (and possibilities) that have no “vision,” no “will,” and certainly no integrity behind them. How can the thyroid function in an integrated, healthy manner if the words - the vibrations, the energy - flowing around and through it are misaligned, twisted and powerless? What possibilities are being created except the possibility of poor health?"

"When this chakra is open and functioning well, with a strong flow of Chi, one finds it easy to express oneself, and one's speech is clear and smooth. When it is blocked, not only does one find speaking or getting the right words out difficult, but one also feels an unwillingness to change."

"5th Chakra - Throat Chakra - deals with communication, expression, inspiration and judgment. Meditating on this Chakra brings about issues of communication that need to be resolved. The greatest need of this Chakra is to live an ideal life, to be surrounded by beauty and peace, and to have control over one's mental abilities.

The 1st Chakra of the five physical senses, it represents the characteristic of ether or pure essence of space. It allows the 4 lower elements of air, fire, water & earth to be formed; it is the carrier wave of these elements and can turn into any of them. The sense of sound & voice is derived from this. This Chakra relates to the thyroid glands. It governs the vocal chords, bronchial apparatus, and the alimentary canal.

Your voice becomes full, clear and deeper when this Chakra is in balance. Thinking & feeling become connected as this Chakra becomes aligned. Language & communication become more of an expression of innate spiritual maturity."

And I'm wondering where the inability to speak/create/communicate ends and iodine deficiency/thyroid issues begin?

This is from " Breast Cancer & Iodine" by David Derry, MD:
"...It is not surprising that the clinicians of that day did not enquire if the patients had severe childhood difficulties to the point of being terrorized or frightened for long periods during their growing up years before the age of 12. Almost without exception, I have found patients who have a childhood history of abuse or prolonged fright of some sort react sluggishly or poorly to thyroid hormone. Many also give histories of puzzling reactions to other drugs....
...These people seem to be pharmacologically different from normal people... is possible that the receptor system for thyroid hormone & other drugs may be malleable under the age of 12, and adjustments to its sensitivity to thyroid hormone and likely other hormones enable them to better survive under frightening conditions. The receptor changes are permanent, as I have found people in this category over 50. Sexually and physically abused people have had many counseling sessions which do not remove flash backs, fear and anxiety of their past, whereas thyroid medication over time seems to slowly adjust these well worn brain pathways of flashbacks, images and anxieties.
Thyroid seems to soften these images with time and the patient becomes more able to handle their past... "

Nietzsche ~ "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star"

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All wombat's Answers
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