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DETOX~ My detox symptoms are strong, should I pull back or push through?

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DOSING: PULL BACK OR PUSH THROUGH??? by Hopinso   by wombat   16 year


Rather unpleasant detox symptoms can arise when first starting Iodine supplementation. There is no hard and fast answer as to how much to begin with, how fast to increase, or whether or not to pull back and skip days or push through and continue to dose despite symptoms. Although advice can be given, often conflicting advice; the real decision must be left to the individual.

Reasons To Pull Back (reduce or skip doses):

1) Detox is too intense and renders the individual unable to function in their day to day life.
2) For those just beginning - individual may be unsure if the symptoms or from detox or an allergy/sensitivity to iodine.
3) If individual is using other supplements or protocols, Iodine may need to be discontinued temporarily to determine the source of the symptoms.
4) If the individual started with a relatively large dose, then it may be necessary to cut back the dosage and increase dosage at a slower rate.
5) Individual is reaching their saturation point and needs to cut back to a smaller maintenance dose.

Reasons To Push Through (keep or increase dose):

1) User may not feel well, but is still able to function at normal daily tasks.
2) Individual knows that the symptoms are from detox and is willing to use protocols to ease detox symptoms.
3) Individual is experienced in detoxing and cleansing and is aware enough of his/her body and its reactions to know when there are potential problems.

Ultimately, it will be up to the individual to decide how much, how often, and how long to continue their Iodine supplementation. The important thing to remember is this is not a competition. There is no shame in cutting back or taking lower doses if that is best for one's current state of health. It is better to begin slowly and conservatively than to start fast and quit when things get rough.

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