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Radiation-Are Kombu/kale and other sea veges OK to take instead of potassium iodiode and what would the dosage be? Also I'm supplementing with chlorophyll called spirulina (sp) as well. Will this protect me or should I use the potassium iodide?

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Iodine   by shaneris   12 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Check out:
and other relevant FAQs. It shows how to make up dosages for adults, and children, and provides a dosage timetable, and possible side effects; Google more.

I found the above via
where they also still have potassium Iodide in stock, at present, if you can't locate it elsewhere.

Apparently, it is in short supply, and some places are unable, or unwilling to supply it.

Try Googling supplies, to find out what is currently available.

Potassium iodate is another good source of iodine.
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iodine   by voltahealth   12 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Kelp and other sea veges are great to take, even if not protecting against radioactive iodine. I would say chlorella would protect you more then spirulina, or detox you better, but spirulina is still a great superfood that everyone should be taking.

I would only take potassium Iodide if there is a very high level of radiation coming your way. Rather I would take nascent Iodine or even Lugol's to saturate your thyroid and other glands naturally and gently, which would protect you from most of the radioactive iodine.

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