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husband has parkinsons and is 54 years old. He has had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery almost 2 years ago. He is on carbadopa/levodopa every 2 hours....would he benefit from iodine supplementation and if so what dosage.

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I would try virgin coconut oil   by voltahealth   12 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Virgin coconut oil is not just some great tasting oil, it's medicine. More and more research is emerging.
Extra Virgin Coconut oil - Treatment of Parkinson
: New treatments for Neurogenerative diseases include the potential use of medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) or ketone bodies (also called ketoacids) the end product of MCT metabolism. Extra-Virgin Coconut oil is largest natural source of MCT after motherís breast milk.

In 2004, Richard Veech published a review of the therapeutic implications of ketone bodies.
Our cells can use ketone bodies as an alternative fuel when glucose is not available. Brain cells, specifically neurons, can use to function and to stay alive. The body can produce ketone bodies from coconut oil and when on a very low carb diet. Ketones can serve as food for the brain and nervous system in the event that insulin resistance and a lack of glucose availability develops. Providing the ketone bodies (MCT of Coconut oil ) appears to protect the brain cells from destruction.

One study has shown that ketones (MCTS of Coconut oil ) trigger a cellular process called chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA). CMA is a cellular process that allows cells to remove junk proteins, organelles, and foreign bodies from the watery interior of the cell and deliver them to the cell's waste disposal system for degradation.
If this "junk" isnot removed regularly from the cell's interior, it eventually overwhelms and kills the cell. So This is How MCTs of Coconut oil has a major role to play in Brain Cells nourishment, its proper working as well as prveneting its destructions

ALL ABOVE RESEARCHES SUGGESTS WHY Extra-Virgin Coconut oil can be a major weapon against Neurogenerative diseases such as Parkinson.
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