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Can anyone suggest anything to get iodine into a 6 year old with Asperger's and epilepsy who will absolutely NOT take it by mouth due to the taste? He was diagnosed with epilepsy last year and though we have controlled the seizures with herbs up to now, he is starting to have seizures again. He is unvaccinated and we do not use pharma. Will putting nascent iodine on his feet help to get it into his system? If so, how much/how frequently? What else can I do? I love this child more than life itself and I am sure if we go back to the neuro guy, he will just want to put him on pharma. Help.

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Stopping epileptic seizures   by #137577   12 year 1 of 1 (100%)

L.B. Barnett, MD wrote
"Clinical Studies of Magnesium Deficiency in Epilepsy," published in Clinical Physiology 1(2) Fall, 1959

" Dr Lewis B Barnett, head of the Hereford Clnic in Herford Texas, learned that magnesium is low in people with epilepsy. In the 1950s he presented evidence on thirty cases of childhood seizures that responded exceptionally well to high oral doses of magnesium. Barnett found that as his patients' blood magnesium reached normal levels, their seizure activity diminished. He also reported that the treatment was entirely harmless. As a result of his research, Barnett reported that the main cause for the 3 million clinical and 10 - 15 million subliminal cases of epilepsy identified at the time was a dificiency of
magnesium. "

This information & the studies were not only presented in the 1950s, but I copied that information out of a book written by Dr Carolyn Dean, M.D. , N.D. called "The Magnesium Miracle" . It was also referred to by Dr Mark Sircus in his book "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy" .
Dr Andrew Saul refers to this study also in an article about seizures and reducing drugs during pregnancy

From - Magnesium and Autism
by Dr Mark Sircus

Low levels of magnesium have long been known to cause hyper excitability with convulsive seizures in such studies with the well known reversal of such conditions by treatment with magnesium.[21]
Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2004 Oct;23(5):545S-548S

I found these and other studies saying magnesium reduced seizures, eventually stopping them altogether. So I tried to get my magnesium levels up using Ancient Minerals transdermal magnesium chloride . I used it according to the protocol suggested by Dr Mark Sircus.

I had seizures for 49 years. I had Petite Mal seizures begining as a young child which were poorly controlled, and at 16 years also started having Grand Mal and temporal lobe convulsions. I have not had any drugs since Oct 3, 2007 and have not has any seizures either.

Magnesium is very difficult to absorb and digestive issues cause even less to be absorbed. What kind of magnesium is used is of great importance if one is trying to increase magnesium levels.

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Transdermal skin absorption and organic coconut for seizures!!!   by #43934   12 year 1 of 1 (100%)

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Iodine in seafood and sometimes added to salt.   by Trollope   13 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Will your son eat seafood? Or salt with Iodine added? Note that I do not know your intent with the iodine, so these ideas may or may not apply.
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Solution for Autistic Boy with Seizures   by Rejuvem   8 year 1 of 1 (100%)

I had the same issue with my Autistic son. After his second seizure, I looked everywhere for nutrition that would help prevent another one and here's the routine I've developed.
*B12 berrymelt by Purity Productsa
*5000IU chewable tablet of Vitamin D by Kal -OR- 5000IU Capsule of Vitamin D by Health Resources mixed with Apple Sauce.
*3ML Fermented Cod Liver Oil by Green Pastures.
*5mg Capsule of Lithium Orotate and 50mg capsule of Potassium Iodate by Vitamin Research Products (a form of Iodine) mixed with with Apple Sauce or Coconut Based Yogurt (he's allergic to Milk).
After School:
*Effervescent PharmaNAC by BioAdvantage mixed with 50/50 water and Pear Juice.
*Packet of Omega Gummies by Rainbow Light (I sometimes rotate with other brands)
*Capsule of Ultimate Digestion Formula by True Health and 5mg Capsule of Lithium Orotate by Vitamin Research Products mixed with either Apple Sauce, Yogurt or Jello (I make the Jello and sprinkle it in as it's cooling) after dinner.
Just before Bath Time:
*This one's a little complicated:
Take RAW Probiotics for Kids by Garden of Life and Add Epicor by True Health. When you take a half a teaspoon out, make sure the Epicor is less than half of the solution (it's darker) and mix with applesauce --- The Epicor taste BAD, so you don't want too much!
*5mg chewable melatonin by Natrol (also comes in a liquid)
*5ML Cod Liver Oil by Carlson
*5ML Flaxseed Oil by Barleans
*Bath time with a cup of Epsom Salt (make sure he doesn't swallow it - and you may want to start off with half a cup to get him used to it)... slowly increase the tempurature in the water to trigger anti-inflammatory response from the body.
I try to keep him in the bath for at least a half hour, if he won't stay then I'll give him a Massage with Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion. If he's being overly fussy or silly and won't take the bath or Lotion, I'll give him a capsule of Opti-Mag and Lithium Orotate, both by Vitamin Research Products with Apple Sauce.

A couple of notes:
*Obviously check with your doctor to make sure none of this interferes with any medication or conditions he may have.
*The reason I like Potassium Iodate vs other forms of Iodine is 3 fold. 1st, even though it's less absorbable than other forms, it's more stable so it can be mixed with other things and still work. 2nd, since it's absorbed more slowly, you don't get the "Shock" to your system as with other forms when your body begins to IMMEDIATELY expell Bromine, Flouride and other metals from your system. ... This process happens more slowly with Potassium Iodate. 3rd, because it's more stable (and in a powder) I can add it to Sea Salt , Juice almost anything.
*I purchase almost everything here on Amazon, except for the Flaxseed Oil and the RAW Probiotics, both must be refridgerated. (you can buy them on Amazon, but you shouldn't because most of them won't refridgerate the package)
*While the Iodine is definitely necessary, Magnesium has shown to be a fantastic benefit to those suffering from seizures (hence the Epsome Salt, Magnesium Lotion or Opti-Mag capsules. You just have to be careful, because too much will cause diareah.
*Lithium Orotate is very important because it has been shown to actually help the body REGROW "Grey" Matter in seniors!
*Finally, I've been using this protocol on my 10 year old son now for 3 years and he's no longer in pain from stomcach discomforts. No longer suffers headaches. His eosinophilic esophagitis symptoms have practically disappeared. He no longer requires Nexium, I no longer have to pick him up from school every other day and most importantly, he hasn't had a seizure and barely ever gets sick anymore. (he used to get constant ear infections).

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Epilepsy, epileptic fits, treatment, and prevention   by FocusOnHealth   10 year 1 of 1 (100%)

There are too many issues. What seems to be the main issue?
Epilepsy? Asperger's? Nascent iodine? The young age of six? Or the refusal to take the extract?

Let me elaborate on this...

What is your reasoning? I CAN understand the no vaccination part, and the no pharma product part. But the use of Iodine is not very clear to me.

If your intention is the treatment an epileptic fit,
then I suggest you have some antispasmodic tincture on hand, and give the child 8 to 15 drops in one-half glass of water.

If he/she can't or won't drink it, then put a few drops ON THE TONGUE! This will check the fit at once.

If the case is very severe, or if the tincture is difficult to administer, in the case of infants, the tincture should be RUBBED well into the neck, chest, and between the shoulders at the same time.

However, there is a lot more to this.

You need to think about prevention, too.
You need to PREVENT the epileptic fits.
Make the child stop eating the things which have caused the fits.

If you do not, then those same things that brought the attacks in the first place, will bring them on again.

Stop his/her intake of any tea, coffee, tobacco (if any),
alcoholic beverages (if any), and all stimulating and constipating foods.

Do not let him/her drink with meals,
and ensure he/she masticates his/her food.
Make him/her eat a clean and nourishing diet.

If you use cleansing enemas, and if you keep the bowels thoroughly cleansed, he/she will get over the attacks.

By using a correct diet, the attacks will rarely return.
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epilepsy   by #176412   10 year 1 of 1 (100%)

I found research that states that fasting will helps epilepsy. when you reduce the number of hours in which you consume food to maybe 6 to 8 hours then you get ketones in your blood which somehow reduce the number of episodes one has. google: blood ketones and epilepsy.
since you are treating a child with another situation Asperger's, i am not sure if that applies. hope this will help.
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iodine   by pandaness   12 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Have you tried putting the drops of Iodine into his food? Seems like the taste would be hard to detect in many dishes.

Painting it on will get some into his system, though I don't know how much compared to orally.
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